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Mr. President, What Do You Think of ‘Girls’?

The Jewish vote and the Millennial vote

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Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon hold a potato sack race at the White House.(White House/Flickr)

Ami Eden has an inspired post on the eerie and telling similarities between the Obama campaign’s outreach to the Jewish vote and the Millennial vote. These are groups that would seem to be natural constituents and whom he overwhelmingly won in 2008, but who lately have feinted toward straying toward the Republicans (in the Jews’ case) or staying home (in the Millennials’ case).

I think a crucial difference is that some Jews are feeling iffier on Obama because of things he has done (pressured Israel, not fully backed Israel on Iran), while Millennials, the majority of whom are politically liberals, might be pissed at promises unkempt (Guantanamo Bay is still open, he hasn’t done all that much high-profile on the environment). I also think it’s fair to say that the wavering Jews might feel they have more to worry about should Obama be re-elected (renewed pressure on Israel) while Millennials would have more to look forward to (I’d bet anything that a second-term President Obama would be the first president to endorse same-sex marriage).

This is all a really long way of saying that I’m a Jewish Millennial and I demand to be doubly pandered to. And endless emails about George Clooney aren’t going to cut it. George Clooney is, like, old.

Millennials Stealing Jewish Voters’ Script [JTA Capital J]
Earlier: Will Obama’s ‘Flexibility’ Gaffe Affect Israel?

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Royq says:

Speaking as a pre-millenial, I have no objection to Obama leaning Israel, but it’s bound to be unavailing so long as he refrains from applying equal pressure to the Palestinians.  Who stands to gain more and why are they dragging their feet, balking at requests to resume negotiations?

Jacob Goldfarb says:

Obviously you are not a women, who under the republicans will be deprived of birth control, choice, and health care.  Or I hope you are not, old, or poor or a black  person who wishes to vote-the republicans have made it difficult in most states for those demographics to vote.  And of course, if you are not working full time-it would be a shame to not have your parents health care beyond age 18.  Or if God forbid, you have a serious illness, you won’t want your “health care provider” to kick you off your plan.
Don’t sit this out-this election will affect your life for generations.  Hey, but if you want more Clarence Thomas’s on the supremes……….but you are, “like” a spoiled brat and don’t get it.  Read a newspaper once in a while. 

Nicholas Boles says:

George Clooney is, like, old.”  Are we, like, thirteen?


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Mr. President, What Do You Think of ‘Girls’?

The Jewish vote and the Millennial vote

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