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Sandra Fluke To Wed Her Jew Boyfriend

Let the anti-Semitic conspiracy-mongering commence!

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Sandra Fluke earlier this month.(Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for Women's Campaign Fund)

Sandra Fluke, the young pro-contraception activist who was slut-shamed by Rush Limbaugh, is now engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Adam Mutterperl, The Daily Beast reports. Which means she’s now yet further ensconced in the New York Jewish left-wing liberal intellectual Central Park West Brandeis University socialist summer camps and the father with the Ben Shahn drawings and really strike-oriented cabal. Isn’t that right, Mr. Bayne?

Mazel tov to the happy couple!

Sandra Fluke Engaged [The Daily Beast]
Earlier: Sandra Fluke’s Boyfriend Is a Jewy Jew Jew

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markbenl says:

I know the headline was meant to be ironic in an eye-catching sort of way, but I still cringed when I read it. I might be overly sensitive, but it seems these sorts of statements run the risk of legitimizing nasty forms of speech.

    surfer_dad says:

    I kind of agree with you.

    Loved the run-on description (although Mark forgot “bolshevik” and “quiche eating”) but does this “news” even warrant a mention, however tongue in cheek?

    btw, still not relevant, but the boyfriend is mentioned as Jewish (how do we KNOW that btw?) – is Fluke? Is that the implication, that she isn’t?

      yevka says:

       Marc has much maturing to undertake. This was bit was
      extraneous and rather idiotic reading.

emunadate says:

what are the chances that she will actually marry him in 8 yrs?

alberto17 says:

another shiksa and many confused children in the future. with time they will further dissipate. From 6 ,illion jews in the US 30 years ago to 5.5 now thanks to many  Adam Mutterpers….

    phill2012 says:

    The problem is that some? many? do not dissipate but become anti-semites and anti-Zionist.  Historically ,wellknown anti semites have often had a Jewish grandmother or grandfather in the family tree– Torquemanda, Hitler?, e.g.–   so they have some Jewish smarts possibly, but they become conscientious enemies of this thing called Judaism which they have come to despise and certainly misunderstand.  In America today the anecdotal evidence is that  these 2nd and 3rd generation half breeds are typically  super duper liberals who have no use whatsoever for Israel as a Jewish Zionist state.  

She’s accepting IUDs as engagement presents.

Mazel Tov!
May they have many liberal-minded children that will never be afraid to speak up for what they believe in.

Why is it at all relevant that he is Jewish? Are you trying to encourage the kind of separatist, “we and they” thinking that so many other religious zealots do? And you did not mention HER religion. A waste of a paragraph of reading. You ought to focus on more important issues.

padrededos says:

You’d think that a nice young gentile lady who is set to marry a Jew, even a Lefty Jew, would not have to worry about the cost of condoms, no? Just sayin’

padrededos says:

You’d think a nice young gentile lady, set to marry a Jew, even a Lefty Jew, wouldn’t have to fret about the cost of condoms…. no?

mahatmacoatmabag says:


“Adam Mutterperl”.  That has to be a joke, right?

Giulia says:

To the  religious Jews and the Rabbis, she is just another shiksa.

londondave says:

Gosh — no more late-night sojurns for La Fluke to the hotbeds of anti-semitism @ OCUPPYWHATEVER.

Fat_Man says:

Will he pay for it?

jmm64 says:

 Another intermarriage and probably another generation of children from this marriage who will not identify with anything Jewish. Unfortunately, around 80-90% of children from intermarried couples do not identify with Judaism.  It’s not difficult to believe the statistics that the fastest  growing groups are the non-affiliated Jews and the Orthodox Jews. The rest of us in between, Reform and Conservative, are shrinking…. 

meadowlands says:

Instead of birth control she should spend her money on shampoo. Her hair is a greasy mess.


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Sandra Fluke To Wed Her Jew Boyfriend

Let the anti-Semitic conspiracy-mongering commence!

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