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Another Flotilla?

Report: IHH-sponsored boats will leave Turkey for Gaza on Sunday

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The Mavi Marmara arrives back in Turkey last year.(Mustafa Ozer/AFP/Getty Images)

UPDATE: 972+ reports that IHH denies plans for a flotilla. Thanks to commenter Dani ben Leb.

972+ has it. The exclusion of IHH, the Turkish charity with ties to Hamas, from the flotilla that was set to launch this past June was an early victory for Israel against a mission that ultimately never left port; IHH was instrumental in organizing last year’s flotilla, in which 9 members were killed by Israeli soldiers aboard the Mavi Marmara.

Unconfirmed reports have it that Turkish navy ships would accompany the flotilla, something Prime Minister Erdogan has at times threatened. “That would be perceived as a serious provocation by Israel,” 972+ reports. Er, actually, if Turkish ships were to deliberately attempt to run an Israeli blockade, it would inarguably be a serious provocation.

Gaza-Bound Flotilla Said Planning To Depart Turkey in Coming Days [972+]

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Hershel (Heshy) Ginsburg says:

Given the current mess on the Turkish earthquake, and that Turkey reversed itself and asked Israel for help in providing critically needed “instant” temporary housing for the quake victims, I doubt that the Turkish gov’t will lend its naval forces to help the IHH break the blockade. Erdogan was being criticized inside Turkey for refusing initially the Israeli help and I can’t see him shooting himself in the foot. He may be crazy but he is not stupid.

BTW I heard one report on Israel radio that some IHH relief workers are working side by side with the Israelis in setting up the temp housing & connecting the units to water & electrical systems. Not sure this last bit is true, but if it is then I suspect that the IHH may well cancel or at least postpone the flotilla.


Efrata / Jerusalem

Excuse me? 19 killed? Typo?

Dani ben Leb says:

The 972 report has been up dated. There will be no flotilla.

Turkey and its pseudo democratic PM may well have enough on their hands at this moment in BS history. Major offensive against the Kurds as we write, killing hundreds. Earthquake in Kurdistan exposing the proud Turkish states indifference to its Kurdish population, not just on the military battle field.
Then there is the Arab ( Spring? ). Which has just turned Turkey’s position into something out of its control. Bosom Buddy Assad suddenly, and completely unexpectedly turned out to be a ruthless mass murdering dictator, Erdogan is very disappointed. Egypt is a mess with another military dictatorship coming up. Iraq, Iran, Cyprus oil drilling….
Well, and then there is the PR stunt called the flotilla.
Can we squeeze in a potential maritime clash between a NATO country and Israel? I doubt it. But with Erdunsky you never…Turkish Delight.

Marc Tracy says:

@Bella Center typo! sorry, thanks. fixed.

fred lapides says:

Those naughty nauticals might better help the Israelis who are in Turkey to help with the destruction caused by their recent earthquake.

sharon says:

How quickly are the “palestinians” leaping in to help, or the Saudis’s or the “new” Arab “democracies”. Israel is always helping in times of tragedy, but is still hated all over the world.
Nothing ever changes.


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Another Flotilla?

Report: IHH-sponsored boats will leave Turkey for Gaza on Sunday

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