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Frontrunning Romney Picks Fight on Israel

In major address, Obama is attacked for his values

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Mitt Romney last month.(Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

As Gov. Rick Perry flails, Gov. Chris Christie and Sarah Palin rule out running, and pizza-delivery magnate Herman Cain starts scoring second place in polls, it seems clear that, three months from the first caucuses and primaries, Mitt Romney is the front-runner for Republican presidential nominee. Add to that the fact that he has put together a high-profile team of foreign policy advisers (itself further evidence that he is the favorite), and you see why his major foreign policy speech this morning at the Citadel was hotly anticipated.

But in an electoral climate dominated by the economy and other domestic issues, what, exactly is there to say about foreign policy? An excellent preview in the Financial Times predicted that Romney would hone in on one issue, “Obama’s Achilles heel when it comes to foreign policy”: Israel. And in his speech today, the two issues Romney brought up first were, duly, Iran and Israel.

We’ve already been through why in discussing Perry. Iran/Israel works best as an attack on President Obama for two reasons: first, it’s virtually the only specific foreign policy issue where he is even vulnerable; and, second, because Americans rightly identify with Israelis, Israel can be framed as an attack on Obama’s values rather than his foreign policy record. The top soundbite from Romney’s speech is: “I will not surrender America’s role in the world. This is very simple: If you do not want America to be the strongest nation on Earth, I am not your President. You have that President today.” That’s not an argument for a specific agenda; indeed, the speech was light on specific agendas, especially concerning the disastrous situation in Afghanistan-Pakistan. But it is an argument, implicitly, for a different kind of leadership. Which is why you’ll be reading about Israel on more than just this Website over the next 13 (yes, really 13 more) months.

Republican Rivals Frame World in Domestic Terms [FT]
Text of Mitt Romney’s Speech on Foreign Policy at the Citadel [WSJ Washington Wire]
Earlier: Perry’s Ascent Heralds Israel’s Rise as Issue

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Romney did a hard-right on foreign policy, as well on issues like immigration.

I have a feeling he’ll whince on immigration once general election is due but I took a look at his foreign policy advisers(22 or something like that in full).

Half of them, at least, were Jews. And most of those were neocons.
Not bad.

I personally haven’t seen RomneyCare as a bad thing. The man is not an ideologue, he’s a highly intelligent moderate. Not a great orator, but a great mind.

I’m strongly thinking about voting for Romney is he wins the nomination. It depends how his stances are on taxes, within the Republican constraints.

If I vote for Romney, which is still a big if but considering the dismal failure of the Obama presidency stranger things can happen, then it will be the first time in my lifetime that I’ll vote Republican.

Netanyahu’s intransigent Israeli policies are the Achilles heal, not Obama’s policy to Israel. I think that’s manifestly clear to most sane people.

Obama’s abysmal demanding Israel return to the 1948 boundaries. Can’t get rid of him and his pro Muslim regime fast enough. Hillary not allowing a Jew from Jerusalem to list Israel as their country of origin refusing to accept Jerusalem as part of Israel demonstrates to me Obama clearly isn’t pro Israel.

Only right of return satisfies Arabs voting Israel out of existence. Everyone understands this except the self-loathing, anti Israel, loyal liberal worshiping, and more allegiant to the Democrat party/moral relativity than Israel Jews. Unfortunately, here in the US we have a preponderance of them.

Mitt Romney has my vote.

Jules says:

Salem, you are not a very sly or smartly dressed or tarted up liar. The call is one of a return to 1967 boundaries. Incidentally it is very clear in your malicious, mendacious, and ugly intent, which is one of regression and aggression that you are a numb witted Nazi, as are Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Wolfowitz, the sheep’s clothes Neoconservatives of the wolf pack as most civilized people prefer to refer to them.

Why you do not make yourself sick with nausea is beyond my comprehension.

G Shapiro says:

Wow, Salem – you sound like an old, tired, broken record. Once again – Obama is NOT a muslim, and is NOT anti-Israel. Liberal Jews are NOT anti-Israel, and we are NOT self-loathing. Didn’t you learn anything about doing teshuvah during Yom Kippur? Or are you going to continue with your hate-filled rhetoric during the New Year? I hope for your sake you can let go of your need to excoriate anyone with a different point of view.

salem says:

I learned plenty. Unfortunately, Evangelical Christians are better friends to Israel than liberal Democrat Obama supporting Jews.

As for my being a “Nazi.” I fasted yesterday as I’m sure you both did cleansing all three of us of our sins.

Jules says:

Here’s one of your “friends” Salem. It looks like a Nuremberg rally to me, but maybe it really is your cup of tea.

Jules says:

Yes indeed, certainly with friends such as these one should grieve:

Beatrix says:

I’m with you Salem. No one who reads lefty literature on the Internet could not be with you.

Jews are as clueless about the left today as they were about the right in Nazi Germany. The reason Jews went so docilely to their deaths is because Jewish leaders cooperated with the Nazis and helped them round up Jews with the philosophy that “if they bent, they wouldn’t break.” Of course, they didn’t know the Nazis planned to kill them all. Jews didn’t trust the Nazis, but they trusted their own leaders.

The left today would not destroy American Jews, but they’d gladly destroy Israel.

Jules, you’re repeating yourself. Do you just use a rubber stamp or do you try to think with what passes for your mind?

Returning to 1967 borders (before the 6 day war, which is what Obama means) is returning to 1948 boundaries. But Netanyahu has already said he’s willing to do that.

salem says:

Beatrix, couldn’t agree with you more. When Obama supporting Jews say “1967” boundaries they mean 1948 boundaries as you aptly pointed out. Was waiting for Jules to tell me the difference, and was certain he wouldn’t respond ducking the question, which he did.

As for the Nazis, you’re correct again. They thought they could appease and get along with them by bending then waiting for GOD to save them in the Concentration Camps, which is why “Never Again: was often mentioned in my household growing up in Newton, MA outside Boston.

Correct, again. The Democrats are anti Israel and support getting along with all Jews who incorporate that reasoning. Liberal Jews are comfortable here. Worried about being invited to elitist gatherings seated at the “right table” among their connected “friends.” It’s easy to trash Israel thousands of miles away when they’ve abandoned Israel regarding the US now as their new Homeland.

“Never Again” presently applies to the American Jewish turncoats in the US more allegiant to Barack Obama and the Democrat Party, than to Israel.

With “friends” like these, no wonder Israel’s in so much trouble.

Beatrix, you are correct to equate the ultra radical Republican party with Nazism, only it would not end nor cease there, an add mixture of Mussolini is more than also evident in all of the malevolence as well in the personages and parties that led the US there in over a cliff into Iraq on a transparent lie. The road to hell is always paved with such rabid and ruinous political intentions as analogous to 1930s Nazi Germany as ever could be.

“it’s virtually the only specific foreign policy issue where he is even vulnerable”

That was funny at least. Obama’s foreign policy is a catastrophy as bad as his economic policy.

Obama’s foreign policy is vulnerable to criticism in many places.

To name just a few:

His policy towards Eastern Asia, and especially China, has resulted in a decline of US abilities, interest and position. Cyber attacks from China (and elsewhere) are an ongoing problem.

His policy toward Europe has not increased US strength and has not encouraged Nato partners to develop their military capacities. His policy towards Turkey has led to sense of no consequences for their increased persecution of the Kurds and anti-Israeli policies. South America has moved more in opposition to US interest.

G Shapiro says:

Beatrix: The left would gladly destroy Israel? Guess you’ve been drinking the Fox News kool-aid. You have no proof to support your claim. But I guess there’s no point in having a discussion with someone who can’t accept points of view other than their own.

You liberal Democrat Jews party and policy wise urinate on Israel’s leg for us all to see, then you have the unmitigated gall to tell us we don’t see what we’re observing.

You’re arrogant and elitist. I don’t expect to change your reflexive orthodox support for Obama/Democrats as you clearly believe this is my father’s Democrat party, or the pre 1972 version. But being you’re clearly a self-proclaimed great chochom we’re (I’ll) be here to remind you of your culpability in Israel’s demise and potential disintegration, should it occur, if you have the testicular fortitude to show your face.

G Shapiro says:


Please explain how Jewish Democrats “urinate on the leg” of Israel. While you’re at it, why don’t you explain how if someone has a differing point of view on Israel, that this makes them arrogant and elitist. And just what kind of power do you think I or other liberal Jews have to be culpable in “Israel’s demise and political disintegration.”

Since I’m a woman, I don’t imagine I could actually have testicular fortitude, but laying this kind of crap at my feet (or anyone else’s feet) is b.s.

By the way, “chochom” is not a word. That comes from my elitist education in a public school.

Beatrix says:

I know how liberals feel because I read and post to liberal magazines all the time, and to conservative ones. As a moderate Independent, I’ve voted both Democratic and Republican, and I watch all the news channels.

I’ve never said the Republicans were Nazis. That’s imbecilic. But expected.

All the news sources I read, watch and listen to are legitimate and one of them said recently (I can’t remember which) that 45% of Democrats support Israel, and 85% of Republicans do.

Obama was not qualified to be President. The left, which is in power, is far more defensive than the right, and the right doesn’t even have a candidate, yet. You’re punching air and insulting Independents, and neither side can win without us.

Salem, you’re winning this one. A party that antagonizes Independents doesn’t have a chance.

Beatrix says:

“G” I use a pen name, but a female one. Why don’t you call yourself Gorgeous Shapiro or something instead of “G” Shapiro, making people think you’re a male? Do you think people will take you more seriously if they think you’re a man?

I take you seriously.

Gavi Shapiro says:


Why would using an initial make folks automatically assume I’m a guy? I don’t really feel the need to pose as a man to be taken seriously. Here, you can refer to me by my Hebrew nickname.


“Chochom” is YIDDISH–a wise ass sage. One who believes they’re a “know it all.”

I posted this with a link but my post is “awaiting moderation.”

I’ll respond to Shapiro’s other comments later on. She knows the answer, but obviously in a masochistic way must want to hear it again.

Beatrix says:

Salem, you’re right again, this time about “chochom.” I was going to say something, but I have too many posts. However, I want to thank Gavi, too. I love that name.

Gavi Shapiro says:


So I guess I could rightfully assume that you are a chochom as well, since you seem to believe that all liberal Jews hate Israel. As for knowing the answer, all I’ve heard from you is rhetoric from the right – so don’t bother posting a link unless it’s different from what you’ve stated already.

The link would even satisfy your demands for political correctness.

The difference between us is this. You deny reality but insist you’re the elitist chochom supporting a pro Muslim anti Israeli president while trying to convince us what we see isn’t true. You’re our eyes and knowledge, we should just believe and trust in your all knowingness. To support Obama you have to be a Muslim apologist ot self-loathing Jew. You know ‘right of return’ is the only agreement the Arabs will sign off on, yet you support a President who won’t recognize an immigrant to America from Jerusalem as an “Israeli.” You demand from Israel, you demand nothing from the Arabs, just like the president. Yet, I’m sure you’ll be the first one wringing their hands if anything happens to Israel wondering “how it possibly could have happened?” I’m a realist understanding Israel can’t afford one mistake in negotiations with her sworn enemies, whereas you’re cavalier.

By supporting Obama you are an enemy of Israel. His first phone call is to Abbas, he visits Egypt, but can you tell me when he’s due to visit Israel? He had a 4% Israeli approval rating last year. I wonder why?

Perhaps when Israelis are floating face down in the Mediterranean he’ll be able to make time in his busy schedule around trips to Martha’s Vineyard.

Gavi Shapiro says:


The only thing I can say to you at this point is that you are wrong – you don’t know me as a person and you have no idea nor care what my beliefs are. You are convinced of your beliefs, and that’s fine.

May you be written in the book of life for a sweet and meaningful new year.

And I pray one day you come to your senses. Israel’s best friends today are Republicans and Christian Evangelicals. Her enemies are Israel abandoning US liberal “progressive” Democrat Jews.

Manasseh says:

To Salem and other apologists of all ISRAEL stands for. Nobody is against ISRAEL. People are sick of the false arguments used to impress evil as a good thing on other people´s mind.
The truth is that any American who lets himself put another nation´s interest ahead of the American interest in exchange of money, fringe benefits or personal interests like guaranties to get elected to a public post, whether his name is Salem, Manasseh, Romney or Lieberman has to accept the moral and legal status of at least being corrupt and at most a ……

“first, it’s virtually the only specific foreign policy issue where he (Obama) is even vulnerable”.

Statements don’t get much sillier than the above.

Obama’s foreign policy has been a total disaster from get-go and the US no longer has any real allies; except for perhaps Israel, because he’s threatened to veto the Palestinians bid at the UN.

He alienated the Brits after only a week in office and has never looked back!

Lisa Sciolle says:

With all due respect, why is Ron Paul non-existent when the
polls say otherwise. It is so deliberate with other papers
and TV commentators. Mr. Cain is never going to make it.
Mr. Perry is forever disgraced over the Gardisil horrific mandate. Please cover Ron Paul in all fairness.
I am a democrat !

Just more bullsite.

gdt II says:

Oh my precious Yisrael. Oh how do I love Thee and My People. Food nor sleep is nothing compared to my sincere love in my soul and my own fabric. Peace in Israel. Fear not for our Moshiach is not far. Our dreams of peace will come. We will have Peace in Israel. Adonai will no fail us . Love Gil.

Salem, you’re really really sick.

This article perpetuates the fallacy that what is good for Israel (or at least Likud and the radical Israeli right) is good for the United States, when in fact the reverse is true. Our ongoing support for a religious chauvinist, colonial government in the Middle East is our greatest weakness in dealing with the Muslim world, since it goes against the grain of our professed values (democracy and self-determination, anyone?). “Israel, right or wrong” was the major reason for 9/11, and maintenance of this policy is exacting a simply unsupportable toll in blood and especially treasure. Israel will always fight to the last American, but it is not in our interest to help it do so.

Colin Beck says:


Colin Beck says:


The folly of the liberal philosophy is self-evident. In the 1940’s Roosevelt turned his back on the suffering of Jews during the Holocaust. In 1967 LBJ turned his back on Israel when the Gulf of Aqaba was blocked by the Egyptian Navy. Furthermore, we all are aware of the phenominal regard that Jimmy Carter had and has for Israel. Now it is Obama’s turn, a younger version of Carter. Liberal Jews, wake up and stop the self-delusion. Liberal Democratic politicans and foreign policy, as manifested by history, are anti-Israel. In one regard the enemies of Israel speak the truth-i.e.-their goal is to drive the Israelis into the sea!

A visit to the Holocaust museum in Washington DC is invaluable. It is more emotionally wrenching than Yad Vashem. Israel must remain vigilent and strong to avoid a repeat of history. Israel cannot afford to compromise its borders and “hope” the Palestinians will be an earnest peace partner. Hamas, Hizbola, Syria, and Iran are just five examples why Israel cannot gamble with her security. Negotiating with states that openly promulgate their intent to destroy you is madness. Liberal Jews, have you not learned the lessons of History as exemplified by Chamberlain? Obama’s foreign policy has resulted in:
1. The loss of Turkey as an Israeli ally.
2. The initiation of the loss of the Israeli-Egyptian peace agreement.
3. The unending massacre of Syrians by Assad.
4. The weak US foreign policy allowing Iran to further develop an A-bomb while directly hindering Israel from attacking Iran’s nuclear development sites.
5. Enabling the Muslim Brotherhood to gain a foothold in the Egyptian government.
6. Enabling Iran to strongly influence Iraqi policies via starting a precipitous unwise American withdrawal from Iraq.
7. Not assisting or significantly protesting the Iranian crackdown during “Arab-spring” protests in Teheran.

What a wonderful foreign policy-one for the record books!
I can’t wait for any of the republican front runners to become our next President, we can’t “AFFORD” another 4 years of Obama!!!

Lets all ignore “with mutual land swaps”, because we’re fearful childish morons.

willek says:

Yeah right. It will be herman cain or ron paul. Anyone else running will be just more of the SOS. One should be destined by dec 31st. to start the ousting process of the musilim currently in office.

You seem to have entirely forgot to mention Ron Paul. Oh dear. A man who realizes that endlessly arming and escalating conflicts is wasteful and destructive, and who understands that ANY government forcing its service people into unnecessary conflict is barbaric and wrong-minded.

P. Sydney Herbert says:

I get so tired of the name-calling and disrespect of the contributors. Why not discuss the issue at hand? Let me set an example. I am 83 years old, and a life-long Democrat. I am however, not satisfied with either the Democratic or Republican party. I am devoted to Israel, and the question I ask myself is, “How important is this issue in the over-all concerns I have for our nation?” IOt seems to me that the J-Street types, the Peace Now types are “aworld citizens” and abhor nationalism. They don’t respect or admire Israeli nationalism, but, without its being said, they don’t admire US nationalism, either. I am an unabashed nationalist. For example, I think we should defend our borders, monitor visas, and expel illegals. I am very unhappy about the wars we have gotten into (most of which have simply unleashed Islamist forces)and I fear that, by the time Israel really needs our intervention , we will have burned ourselves out. I do not think our system is exportable as it depends (as it did at the beginning) on considerable experience with self-government and a willingness to change the system as needed. It may be that our 18th century system won’t work in the modern world. I believe tht our alliance with Israel is very important’ they may be our only true friend in a dangerous world. Now, the question is: How to vote? I can get immigration control and Israel support from the Republicans, but can I get economic justice from the Democrats? I wonder.,

Mighty fine speechifying, and he’s dead-on about Obama’s deliberate sabotage of our position in this world. Sadly, Mittens does not live up to his rhetoric. This inventor/defender of Romneycare is just another high-tax, Big Govt Republican who will NOT secure our borders any better than Perry or Obama. If you want to get our votes for a Republican, you need to send us a Conservative.

robert donaldson says:

A fight with Israel should be a fight with all of us who seek Gods will. Those who can not stand in the fire should surrender now to the evil that already resides in the WH of america.
It is our duty to our Father in heaven to stand beside and with Israel and her people.
Recently as today more rockets came into Israel from Gaza..what do you UN people ie helen clarke do?
nothing but side with UNesco and the 114 feeble countries that make up that evil and corrupt association of the devils.


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Frontrunning Romney Picks Fight on Israel

In major address, Obama is attacked for his values

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