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Daybreak: Attack in Southern Israel Kills 5

Plus, U.S. prepares to call for Assad to step down, and more in the news

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A roadblock in southern Israel following the attack this morning.(AP)

• This morning, a coordinated group of assailants who almost certainly infiltrated Israel from Egypt’s Sinai peninsula attacked a bus, a military vehicle, and a car, killing at least five and causing more casualties. (Egyptian border guards did manage to kill a couple
African migrants trying to get into Israel.) This incident will draw renewed focus to post-Mubarak Egypt’s failure to maintain security. Update: The talk on Twitter is that the terrorists may have come from Gaza and been Hamas. Among the dead, reportedly, are Israeli soldiers and two little children. [Google/AP]

• Finally: Sources say President Obama and the European Union will, as soon as today, call for Syrian President Bashar Assad to step down. [Reuters/Haaretz]

• A U.N. probe found that Syria’s regime committed “a pattern of human rights violations … which may amount to crimes against humanity,” and recommended referral to the International Criminal Court. Included is the reported execution of 26 blindfolded men at a stadium in Daraa in May and the deaths of nearly 2,000 by mid-July. [AP/WP]

• After a burst of activity, the Gilad Shalit talks are reportedly stalled yet again. [Haaretz]

• Both the Israelis and the Palestinians are preparing for massive, hopefully peaceful pro-Palestinian demonstrations next month, when the U.N. statehood battle happens. [LAT]

• A report from the besieged Syrian city of Homs. [NYT]

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Barry says:

“peaceful Pro-Palestinian” ROFLMAO!!!!

Sort of like the Easter Bunny. The Moderate Muslim. Or Santa Claus . . .

“peaceful” LOLOLOLOLOL!!

Hershel (Heshy) Ginsburg says:

Latest news report reported 7 dead victims and at least 30 wounded. Israeli media practice going back to the earliest days of the Oslo Accords War is not to count the terrorists (will I be burned at the P.C. stake for heresy for calling the gunmen “terrorists”?) among the casualties.

Now where are all those pooh-bahs of punditry who castigated Israel for having doubts about the consequences of the fall of Mubarak in particular and the so-called Arab Spring in general? Do any of them have the intellectual honesty to admit that maybe they were ignorant and / or being naive? “Admit they were wrong”? Silly me for even thinking that.

Hershel Ginsburg

Jerusalem / Efrata

jacob arnon says:

Arab spring? More like Arab winter in August.

Emily Dickinson wrote the perfect stanza for the occasion:

“These are the days when skies resume

The old — old sophistries of June

A blue and gold mistake.”

youmustknow says:

Israel is under tremendous local pressure for the 1st time since its creation in 1948. The sneaky Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could not face the challenge so he resorts to creating a tremendous problem that totally diverts the attention and helps in lining up his people around him. The Israeli government ALLOWED THIS TO HAPPEN.

Jehudah Ben-Israel says:

What we witness is the perpetuation of the war-of-attrition-through-terror that was initiated by the Muslim-Arab world – not by Christian-Arabs, not by Druze-Arabs – local and regional, in 1920 against the Jewish population of Eretz Israel (Land of Israel).

This war commenced during the Nabi Mousah ceremonies in Jerusalem and orchestrated by the Mufti of the city, Haj, Amin al-Husseinii and later by the PLO, Hamas (which has recently united). That had been long before Israel was proclaimed, long before the “occupation”, “settlements”, “Gaza”. The main goal of which has been, ever since, the decimation of any Jewish existence in the Jewish homeland of the past 4,000 years…

…and the organization that is responsible to preserve peace in the world, the UN, is about to hand over to them a “state”, a present for this type of behavior for the past many decades… What a cynical world…!!


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Daybreak: Attack in Southern Israel Kills 5

Plus, U.S. prepares to call for Assad to step down, and more in the news

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