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Sundown: Hamas Is No Partner

Plus, that kid Bieber did something, and more

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That kid Bieber.(Yahoo!)

• An extensive report on Hamas concludes that they really do mean all those bad things they say. [Globe & Mail]

• This is what right of return actually means. [Salon]

• Justin Bieber has the name Yeshua (that would be “Jesus”) tattooed in Hebrew on his ribs. Get over it. [Yahoo!]

• This portentous “Letter to President Obama” about the peace process has the man-bites-dog signature of former Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. [NYRB]

• “Your mother took off her Jewish badge, and I took off my gay badge, and we got married.” Sounds like a great new film about to open. [NYT]

• An incredible story of dissidence and violent suppression within the Hasidic community. [Forward]

This weekend, in Bethel, New York, Phish performed “Quinn the Eskimo” a few miles from where Bob Dylan recorded it. (And I was there.)

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I don’t know much about Professor Walzer and whether he know much about Israel (that’s simply fact — I don’t know) but he is associated with Princeton and so is probably reasonably knowledgeable.

With that in mind, take a gander (below) and consider the implications. Maybe Netanyahu is correct:

“Palestinian leaders would be happy to accept an Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank, but they are in no way ready to end the conflict…Their strategic goal is what I am afraid it has always been: the creation of a Palestinian state alongside a Jewish state that they don’t recognize and with which they are not reconciled.”

Are you sure Bieber’s tattoo isn’t one of those things where you turn it upside down and it says “Go F– Yourself”?

And about that letter, Zbigniew Brzezinski must be taking some time off from restarting the Cold War with Russia. Check out his Congressional testimony from the 90s, urging the U.S. to admit all the newly liberated states around Russia to NATO. This was the single biggest factor in our estrangement from Russia, after our all too short honeymoon.

Forest says:

What amazes me is that the ethnically cleansed 1 million Jews from Arab countries are not even mentioned.

Barry says:

We all know, Forest, that it is only the satanic and subhuman Muslonazis who are worthy of sympathy.

And I use the term Muslonazi intentionally.

During WWII, the worshippers of Mohammed (piss upon him and piss upon them) unanimously supported the German Socialists. The greatest Muslim theologian in the past 1400 years – Haj Amin al-Husseyni – led the German holocaust against the Jews.

With the exception of a handful of apostates, the entire Ummah allied with the Nazis. With the exception of a handful of apostates, the entire Ummah is eternally guilty.

Virtually every Muslim over 65 years old is a Nazi war criminal. And as the almost daily arrests of American Muslim Jihadists demonstrates – a vast amount of young ones are as well.


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Sundown: Hamas Is No Partner

Plus, that kid Bieber did something, and more

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