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Bomb Rocks Jerusalem Bus Stop

Unattributed attack wounds dozens, kills one

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The scene at the bus stop.(Marina Passos/AFP/Getty Images)

The facts so far are that the bomb, apparently not detonated by a suicide bomber, exploded at a central Jerusalem bus stop, injuring dozens and killing one woman. Prime Minister Netanyahu delayed a planned trip to Moscow (from which President Abbas—yes, to bury a lede, both Bibi and Abbas were going to be in Moscow at the same timecondemned the bombing, as did Prime Minister Salam Fayyad.

The explosion comes in the context of escalating Israeli-Palestinian tensions, prompted both by the Fogel family murders a week-and-a-half ago as well as a rare burst of mortar fire from Gaza this weekend, followed by a continuing series of rocket attacks from Gaza through today, accompanied by Israeli retaliations. Jerusalem last experienced a suicide-bomb attack in 2004, though it has sustained several other terrorist incidents since then. Attacking Jerusalem buses conjures bad memories and an incredibly direct threat to Israeli civic life, and will doubtfully go unanswered.

Explosing at Bus Stop in Central Jerusalem; 25 Reported Wounded [Haaretz]

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Barry says:

The only “context” for this Explosion is the 1400-year genocidal war against the Jewish people by the pervert Mohammed and his wicked followers. The context is the Koran. The context is the racist shariyya. The context is the satanic death cult of Mohammed.

Stop trying to justify Jihad.

Those who want “Peace Now” and support the “Peace Process” and all that other nonesense need to face reality: Until the satanic death cult of Mohammed is exterminated and all who worship Moloch punished for their war crimes, there will be no “Peace”.

Price Tag Now. No Palestinian Muslonazi is innocent.

Barry is apparently really hoping that you award this week’s comment of the week prize to the craziest most unhinged response to a tragedy.

Barry says:


When a Muslim commits shariyya its a “Tragedy”. This is just another war crime committed in the pervert Mohammed’s accursed name.

What should be the response? Celebration? Like among the left-wing subhuman muslonazis of Deerborn, Malmo and Ram’allah?

What better way to combat blind hatred and point out the ideological viciousness of another group (the type that leads to terrorism) than by descending into your own level of blind anger, hatred and irrationality. Mourn, be angry even if it makes you feel better. But the vile spewing from your mouth is no better than the people you condemn.

Barry says:

I condemned the satanic death cult of Mohammed. I didn’t condemn terrorism.

As we know here in the U.S., the use of terrorism by American Muslims has been VERY EFFECTIVE in bringing great power to the satanic death cult of Mohammed.

American Muslims committed 5 times more antisemitic hate crimes in the pervert Mohammed’s accursed name, than they were victims of hate crimes. And yet the conversation in the United States is exclusively about “Islamaphobia”. Why? Because American Muslims have been so effective in their campaign of satanism, shariyya and violence that Comedy Central can’t even show a cartoon of the Islamic god.

So clearly Terrorism works.

The decisions of the Nuremberg Tribunal clearly provide precedent to judge it completely legitimate for the native Palestinian resistance to blow up Zionist settler colonists anywhere in Stolen or Occupied Palestine.

Barry says:

Amen, Joachim.

Death to the Jews! Go Obama!

Dear Barry, You have a problem with the decisions and judgments of the Nuremberg Tribunal not with me. Göring called them victors’ justice. If the precedents don’t apply to Jews (and especially to Zionists, who are Jewish Nazis — if anything more extreme than German Nazis), he is certainly correct — no ifs, ans, or buts.

Barry says:

No, dude! You misunderstand.

I AGREE with you. You’ve convinced me.

Last weekend a three-year-old child was butchered in his bed. That was a completely legitimate act under international law.

I would go further than you, Joachim. It can be plausibly argued that International Law REQUIRES that all Jewish children living at Itamar be butchered.

No ifs, ands, or buts.

Go Obama!

Matthew says:


You’re that uncle at the family reunion that gets drunk and hits on your teenage nieces, aren’t you?

Why don’t you stop being an embarrassment to your family and maybe start going to meetings again?


Human rights groups and other peace activists who demanded to remove restrictions on the movement of Palestinians in and around Jerusalem, who accused Jewish state of “apartheid” are directly responsible for this tragedy. The blood of the innocent victims is on their hands. When Israel introduced strict measures to prevent this kind of terrorist attacks (which worked very well for the last 6 years) they did everything in their power to remove such restrictions and slowly and steady, by blaming and accusing Israel of “immoral practices”, succeeded in denying society safety and security that was achieved over the years by many sacrifices of Israeli citizens. Israel does not have the law that could punish those criminal peaceniks but it does not mean they will be able to avoid the justice. Not at all.

Barry says:


Well, slap my ass and call me Sally.

I don’t need your AA Nazism and your silly book written by a broken-down fool who is a plagiarist.

I can no more disown International Law – which requires that all Jewish children in Itamar be butchered – than I can disown the black community.

Go Obama!


Jerome says:

I guess it is too much to ask to keep ideology out of tragic events. I sincerely hope that the two sides represented above do not represent the actual majority views of the people in Israel and the Palestinian territories or else the death spiral has truly begun and I fear the days of Israel are numbered.

As a Jew, I have some trepidation about quoting a poem entitled the Second Coming, but I think it is appropriate here.

Tennyson wrote: “The blood-dimmed tide is loosed; and everwhere the ceremony of innnocence is drowned; the best lack all conviction; while the worst are full of passionate intensity.”

Beth says:

Actually, W.B. Yeats wrote it.

If Zionists don’t want to be hated (with perfect justice — I add), they need only

1) return the country they stole,

2) reconvey all the properties wrongfully appropriated from their rightful owners,

3) repatriate the ethnically cleansed native population,

4) provide compensation (at exemplary levels) for tortious or contractual damages Zionism has inflicted throughout the world, and

5) show penitance, contrition, and atonement for all Zionist crimes.

Barry says:


1.) Return the Country?

Even the Koran acknowledges that every inch that the Ummah illegally occupies (in violation of International Law, btw) is Jewish. That means ALL of Mecca and Medinah. And all of the Gulf States as well. Not to mention Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.

If the Muslonazis want to return the land they stole and return to the desert from whence they oozed . . . great!

So, yah! I agree its time for the Muslim dogs to return the countries they stole in Mohammed’s name.

2.) Return Property.

The exclusively Judeo-Christian concept of “Property” has no counterpart among the Muslonazis. By definition, the only property to be returned is the property that the Moloch-worshippers stole from their Jewish and Christian neighbors.

3.) Repatriate Ethnically Cleansed Population.

Oh boy! The Native Egyptians (i.e. Copts) are going to be glad to hear that. So that the Greeks can take back North Africa which rightly belonged to them before the Jihadis conquered them in Moloch/Mohammed’s satanic name during Jihad.

4.) Provide compensation.

Problem is that the Muslonazis are incapable of producing the trillions of dollars of wealth that they will need to repay their Jewish victims. That’s okay. The subhumans can be used for abd labor, in accordance with the satanic teachings of shariyya.

5.) Show penitance, contrition and atonement.

Unfortunately, Mohammed’s death cult doesn’t have an idea of humility or acknowledgement of sin.

Thanks For Playing! Go Obama!


Gene says:

I wonder if “The decisions of the Nuremberg Tribunal clearly provide precedent to judge it completely legitimate for the native Indians to blow up settler-colonist on the Stolen land thief and “ethnic ashkenazi” Joachim Martillo?”

Gene knows his racist Jewish Zionist hasbarah script really well.

American settler did it 200 years ago; therefore, racist Jewish Zionists can do it now, and Americans should pay for it too.

Gene, you are just showing why more and more people hate and despise Zionists.

In fact, we Americans should atone for historical crimes in part by striving to eradicate the sick twisted Zionist mentality today.

Gene, your twisted Jewish Zionist logic would justify keeping Palestinians as slaves. After all 160 years ago white Euro-Americans were keeping non-white Americans as slaves.

Jerome says:

I stand corrected about the Second Coming poem. Yeats did write it.

Let me say in less varnished language that Joachim and Barry are blowhards whose maniacal paroting of their extreme views is as sickening as it is predictable. They are truly the “worst.” Sadly they probably know they are the worst but they are powerless to prevent paroxyms of bile and hate from bubbling up from their distended, pus filled guts.

Gene says:

Joahim, why you don’t want to start from yourself? Why are looking for some far away zionists if you can do justice right here, on the American soil? How?
You can do the following things:
1) return the country YOU stole
(to the local Indians. If you don’t know where to find them I can help you: I can show you the location of the closest to you Indian reservation)
2) reconvey all the properties wrongfully appropriated from their rightful owners
(in other words, give them, illegally obtained, the title on your property and the key to your house)
3) repatriate the ethnically cleansed native population,
(from the reservations they live to your (not your anymore) house)
4) provide compensation (at exemplary levels) for tortious or contractual damages white and non-white settlers have inflicted on local population and,
5) show penitance, contrition, and atonement for all crimes you committed against true owners of the land (like keeping them in reservations and don’t even showing desire to end such shameful practice)

So, how about starting from yourself, Joahim?

Because I have long suspected Zionist hasbarah damages the brain, I am not surprised Gene is effectively a broken record stuck on native American hasbarah.

I also have to remind readers (and especially the racist un-American Jewish Zionists) German Nazis attempted to forestall American criticism of German Nazi treatment of Jews by referring to Jim Crow and the history of genocide of the native American population.

Zionism is Jewish Nazism by comparison of ideology or by comparison of practice– no ifs, ans or buts.

That said, I no problem with making native Americans a hereditary aristocracy with some form of beneficial trust to keep them all wealthy. It is the least Americans could do.

It does not seem so big an issue because most Americans concede that native Americans were mistreated.

In contrast, the right of Jews to plunder and to kill non-Jews is a basic principle of Zionism.

It is bad enough that Zionist settler colonists put this idea in practice in Stolen and Occupied Palestine (on American dime), but un-American tribalist American Jewish Zionists often send their kids to Stolen and Occupied Palestine to learn to terrorize non-Jews by means of on-the-job training in the IDF: .

Then these newly minted Jewish Zionist terrorists come back to the USA and work subversively to undermine the UAConstitutional, political, and economic system.

If the USA were a Rechtstaat (a state governed by law) and not a Judenstaat (a state that privileges Jews), there would be wholesale arrests of Jewish Zionists for providing material aid to ongoing Zionist terrorism.

Instead the USA subsidizes at least half the Israeli GDP, and the US debt grows rapidly with at least 3/4s attributable to the alliance with the State of Israel while Jewish Zionist rapaciousness on Wall Street has broken the US economy and put millions of Americans out of work.

Compensating native Americans is important, but eradicating Zionism is far more critical.

Barry says:


Thanks again for your contribution. I could not agree more. Not only should all the Jewish children in Itamar and other illegal settlements be butchered, I think its really important that we also work to exterminate the American Jewish population.

The American Jewish community who, as you point out, are essentially Nazis – actually WORSE THAN the Nazis – and deserve to be put in death camps to punish them for having disagreed with your progressive politics.

No ifs ands or buts!

To be clear: American Jewish ZIONISTS. For Allah’s sake, we’re not antisemites or anything like that. ZIONISTS! ZIONAZIS! Actually it defames Nazis because the Kikes are so much worse.

Slaughter ‘em all! For Moloch! For Marx! For Mohammed!

I especially like your idea of setting up an aristocracy in the United States composed of the early asiatic settlers. I’m sure there are a few details to be worked out, but no harm trying! And at the same time we should be importing more subhuman Muslonazis to offset the Kikey power elite. #Winning

Of course, I agree with you. Priorities! We need to try to exterminate the Khazar Zionists invaders from Itamar first.

I’m starting to see the Joachim vision:

A shariyya state with an asiatic settler aristocracy. All led by Obama and the Progressives! I love it!

Yes we can!

What I really like about this approach is how scientific it is. Its 2011. With DNA testing we can actually identify the Khazars by 1/32 or even 1/64’th blood. We can smoke out those rat crypto-Jews. Then through the application of lie detectors we can identify which of the Kikes truly do harbor anti-aristocratic or Zionist sympathies. (Not antisemites, of course. Anti-ZIONIST)

Joachim! You represent the very best thinking of the American Progressive movement! How do I join?

Go Obama! Walker sucks Koch! Yes we can!

Barry says:

(hope the sarcasm is clear)

Joachim, representing mainstream progressive politics in the United States = Nazism

Jerome says:


JCarpenter says:

Joachim and Barry: take it elsewhere, please. Any attempts at credibility in your discussion are negated by offensive language and attitude.


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Bomb Rocks Jerusalem Bus Stop

Unattributed attack wounds dozens, kills one

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