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My Magazine, Right or Left

Does Tablet Magazine have a bias?

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A couple months ago, Philip Weiss, of the left-wing, semi-eponymous Mondoweiss, accused Tablet Magazine of being “mobbed up with neocons.” Earlier this week, JonathanTobin, of the unabashedly neoconservative Commentary, said that Tablet Magazine’s “editorial choices skew heavily toward liberal pieties.”

Well, they can’t both be right!

Blank Tablet: Distorted Defense of Boycott Discredits Publication [Commentary Online]
What Did You Do in the Loyalty Oath War? [The Scroll]
‘Tablet’ Is Mobbed Up With Neocons [Mondoweiss]
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All in the Family []

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Can’t they?

Um, Philip Weiss is a Jewish anti-Semite so I take his opinion with a grain of salt. Anyway, besides Lee Smith, Tablet is unabashedly left and in a lot of cases, post-Zionist. It would be nice if Tablet gave more pro-Israel writers a voice here, instead of post-Zionist Jews who wish Israel ‘go away.’

I agree with the other David.

Phillip Weiss? Why don’t you ask Noam Chomsky too?

My sister! My daughter! My sister! My daughter!

Dovidl says:

Phillip Weiss would only endorse a magazine that celbrates the murder of Jews.

He loved the Mumbai attacks on the Jewish Synagogue.

Shalom Freedman says:

Philip Weiss is an Israel- hater. Why is he taken to be a legitimate source of opinion on what a magazine should be for a general Jewish public?

Michael says:

“Does Tablet Magazine have a bias?” That you would grant any legitimacy to Philip Weiss (Johannes Pfefferkorn redux) seems – ironically – to answer your question.

I think it is good that “Tablet” magazine has contributors with different political views and opinions – so, that the readers could make their own opinion about the contributors. Actually, I wish the circle could be even wider. What about inviting people like David Duke? Why not? He has the right to tell us what he thinks about us. It could be very educational. At least the readers would be able to see that the difference between his views and the ones of Philip Weiss is not that significant.

Carrie says:

Except for Lee Smith, this is a very left-wing, mildly anti-Israel website. It may even be appropriate to rename this place J Street Magazine.

the question was : “does tablet magazine have a bias”, not ” is tablet magazine “anti- israel”…ANTI-israel…??
-are those who use this kind of vocabulary in their right minds?? who in this magazine wants the destruction of the state of israel? or wants to act as an enemy of Israel? isn’t that what “anti-israel” means? and did anybody really “love” the attacks on the Mumbai synagogue?
Name-tagging and tendentious talk are easy, but the next stage to all this is far more dangerous. If you guys go on like this you will start, sooner or later, to support those who want to do physical violence against people you term “israel- haters”. I am an Israel -lover: i care about the morality of my state, I believe in a zionist dream full of ideals that fire up all jews so they will make aliya instead of sitting in america and make frustrated noise.THAT is why those critizising critizise the State. It is a state that declares itself victim while running an agressive settler policy- the 2 don’t go together.It is a state that today is admired by Neo-Nazis all over the world. When the Neo-Nazi Vlaamse block organizes patrols to protect their “jewish co-citizens” from the Maroccans in their neighbourhood,none of you raise an alarm bell that something might be wrong, neither does anyone protest when the Netherland’s Gert Wilders speaks of Israel as his dream state. Why not just stand up and claim the moral high ground back? in a country where many in government have corruption cases pending against them, where settlers tear out age old olive trees instead of planting them, just to name some of the minor hypocrisies ? Maybe that is too much to ask though, after all, groups in danger will justify whatever they do, just in order not to break ranks. Serbia, as it entered the war in the former Yugoslavia, was one of the prime examples of this. But there is hardly any nation that harbours a bigger dream then our own nation. And you guys do all you can to justify those who are ruining it

Anyone who reads The Scroll knows it is pro-Israel and liberal

in response to above comment, they did ask noam chomsky. david irving is next.

David Sokol says:

Philip Weiss is a name everyone who values truth and human rights should know. They should know it because his writing on the web threatens both. It is a mistake to mention Weiss or mondoweiss without identifying who he is. I presented at a conference on antisemitism in August. A few days later mondoweiss blasted the conference as a bunch of Islamophobics and haters, running a cabal at Yale.
Weiss was not there at the conference and could not have read the papers. Yet he blasted the conference and the papers and the sponsors. He was totally erroneous in his criticism and his goal of spreading hate was clear. He is a writer to watch for all the wrong reasons.

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My Magazine, Right or Left

Does Tablet Magazine have a bias?

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