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Americans Back Israel

Israelis don’t back America back

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We love you; why can’t you love us (or, anyway, why can’t you love our president)?

That’s one message, anyway, to take from some polls released this week. Gallup sees record-high support: 63 percent are more sympathetic to Israel than to the Palestinian Authority. According to a TIPP poll, 56 percent of Americans (and 43 percent of Democrats; and 74 percent of Republicans) would back an Israeli military strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities, versus 30 percent who would oppose one. Another poll, this by Pew, found 66 percent for, 24 percent against.

And yet, Israelis still are not big fans of President Obama. A new poll found that nearly half of Jewish Israelis think he is pro-Palestinian, while only 10 percent said he favors Israel. And this poll came after last week’s friendly Oval Office photo-op and Obama’s interview on Israel’s Channel 2.

Since March, which represents the low point of relations between the two countries’ governments, the number of Israelis who think the Obama administration is pro-Israel has improved by … one percent.

So again: We love you; maybe the president we elected isn’t entirely against you?

Poll: Most Americans Would Back Israel Attack on Iran [Haaretz]
46% Say Obama Is Pro-Palestinian [JPost]
Earlier: Obama and Bibi Tag-Team for Friendship

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I think you’re correct about the basic metaphor: Diaspora Jews have been in an abusive marriage with Israel. I think you’re overlooking what that metaphor says about the solution.

I disagree with this part from your NYT piece: Neither the Jewish diaspora nor Israel can afford a split between the two communities

On the contrary, we *must* split, for the sake of our souls. In the first place, we’ve been handed our get, we need to recognize it, weep, and move on. In the second place, Israel was the wrong Bridegroom: there’s only One Who truly counts, and Who is the security of the Jewish people and faith.

Marc R says:

Wasn’t that Gallup poll released five months ago?

Frayed Knot says:

Despire your wildest fanaties, Obama is not equivalent to America. Nice try though.

Frayed Knot says:

Pardon the typo – I meant fantasies.

Mark Jeffery Koch says:

When I read some of the thousands of monthly posts/comments on Israeli online sites like The Jerusalem Post I become sick. Thousands of posters every month call Obama an anti-semite (and worse) and a Moslem out to destroy Israel and any Jew who works for him or who voted for him is accused of being a self hater who despises Israel. All of this because Obama wanted a settlement freeze? Military aide to Israel has been increased under Obama but as a true friend of Israel he sees that the future demographics are not in Israel’s favor and realizes that Israel cannot continue to deny three million Palestinian their rights and that Israel will have to choose between a binational State, apartheid, or a two State solution and for this Obama is vilified in the worst way. The Israelis who post comments on these sites denigrate and disparage American Jews every day and the conversion bill is a further slap in the face of American Jewry.

Israelis, unfortunately, forget that it is because of American Jewry that the U.S. Congress votes for every aid bill for Israel, and it is because of American Jews Israel can count on the U.S. protection in the U.N.. The vicious, mean spirited name calling of Obama and American Jews who support him or who are Democrats does not do Israel any good. The Diaspora does not deserve to be treated this way and Israel needs to be a lot more grateful to the Diaspora for all the things it has.

Israelis also need to understand that just as they are allowed to criticize the current American administration so too are American Jews allowed to express their dismay and concern over Israel’s current right wing government. Criticism of Netanyahu does NOT make someone anti-Israel or a self hater and by continuing to toss words out like that all that these right wingers are doing is alienating more and more American Jews who care deeply for Israel.

george says:

Another incredibly dim-witted article in a Liberal-Left media site. My, my, such a shock! Israelis don’t view Obama favorably. You’re beyond a cure if that fact puzzles you.

rykart says:

No person of conscience–Jew or Gentile supports Israel at this point.

Israel is a place for Judaism’s garbage and filth, a place for Jews who can’t compete with fellow Jews of the diaspora and have to satisfy their warped egos by brutalizing defenseless people and wallowing in religious hooliganism. Let these disgraces to world Jewry rot in the failed state they have built. We don’t need them.

PITY – Israelis even after receiving over USAID$3 trillion since 1970s – don’t have similar feeling about Americans. According to poll, 71% of Israeli Jews hate Ben Obama!

Daniel says:

The author suggests that because most Israelis don’t think Obama is pro-Israel, they do not love America. That is strange logic.

In fact, polls show most Americans now disapprove of the job Obama is doing. It would seem according to your reasoning, then, that Americans don’t love America.

rykart says:

Obviously, they don’t hate Obama for his stance on Israel. George Bush Sr. was actually tougher on Israel regarding the issue of the settlements than Obama, yet never earned anything approaching this level of scorn.

Israelis hate Obama for a very simple reason and a reason that most Israelis are happy to share with you if your ask them.

They hate him for being black. Period.

Cushi is the word they use. It’s the hebrew equivalent of the N word.

Lovely people.

Joshua says:

Obviously Rykart forgets about Jim “F the Jews” Baker and Brent Scowcroft, who had obvious scorn for Israel.

rykart says:

shua says:
Jul 16, 2010 at 5:02 PM
Obviously Rykart forgets about Jim “F the Jews” Baker and Brent Scowcroft, who had obvious scorn for Israel.


But i certainly haven’t forgotten Silvio Berlusconi, particularly, his speech in praise of the Jew-murderer Mussolini. That didn’t stop the ridiculous ADL from naming him “statesman of the year” nor did it stop Israel from rolling out the red carpet for that bloated fascist, as well as fellow Italian lunatic fascist Gianfranco Fini.

Israel doesn’t give a damn about REAL anti-Semitism. All they care about is power and more power, and playing the holocaust card for political benefit.

They truly are a sickening disgrace.

Independent Patriot says:

Sorry very silly post. Because Israelis don’t like Obama they are anti-American? The extrapolation is a bit much even for Tablet. This country isn’t based upon a cult of personality but upon the Constitution.Agree with Daniel, now that most Americans don’t like Obama does that mean we are all anti-American? Obama is not America, just an example of how broken the political system in this country happens to be. Oh and btw, the amount of money given to Israel is given by the Congress not Obama. It is part of the foreign aide package usually part of the defense budget. If Obama vetoed that he would be vetoing bullets for our troops in Afghanistan. So no Obama did not give the money to Israel, the American people did. Now find a Rasmussen or Quinnipiac poll about how Israelis feel about America in general then lets talk.

Ahmad Yaqiin says:

Hamas and their ilk have zero to do with any so called Palestinian cause- This is about Islamofascist supremacy and nothing else. If that were not a fact than Hamas would not have a Charter that excludes Christians as being equal to Muslims- Remember that Palestinians are both Muslim and Christian- Bethleham was the birth place of Jesus- Yet Hamas states unequivocally” THERE IS NO ROOM FOR A JEWISH STATE IN AN ISLAMIC MIDDLE EAST”- Really? And what about the Palestinian Christians? Yawnn how obvious- “Jews – Christians- and Infidels will be “tolerated” under the unmbrella of Islam”- This is a current belief within the Islamic Middle East and it is acted out by Sharia Law!

Of course Americans should be worried and upset with Obama- The majority of them are Christian! Makes sense! And of course Jesus wasa Jew and Moses was the first Zionist who took Jews to their promised land! Dont like the facts? Take up your argument with God!

Ahmad Yaqiin says:

Obamas popularity has dropped not just because of how he betrays his allies but how he also betrays Americans!
Only a fool believes he never heard the anti semitic rantings of Reverand Wright over a period of some 25 years!

Ahmad Yaqiin says:

JEFFREY GOLDBERG: I’m curious to hear you talk about the Zionist idea. Do you believe that it has justice on its side?

BARACK OBAMA: You know, when I think about the Zionist idea, I think about how my feelings about Israel were shaped as a young man — as a child, in fact. I had a camp counselor when I was in sixth grade who was Jewish-American but who had spent time in Israel, and during the course of this two-week camp he shared with me the idea of returning to a homeland and what that meant for people who had suffered from the Holocaust, and he talked about the idea of preserving a culture when a people had been uprooted with the view of eventually returning home. There was something so powerful and compelling for me, maybe because I was a kid who never entirely felt like he was rooted. That was part of my upbringing, to be traveling and always having a sense of values and culture but wanting a place. So that is my first memory of thinking about Israel.

And then that mixed with a great affinity for the idea of social justice that was embodied in the early Zionist movement and the kibbutz, and the notion that not only do you find a place but you also have this opportunity to start over and to repair the breaches of the past. I found this very appealing.”

Ahmad Yaqiin says:

JG: Why do you think Ahmed Yousef of Hamas said what he said about you?

BO: My position on Hamas is indistinguishable from the position of Hillary Clinton or John McCain. I said they are a terrorist organization and I’ve repeatedly condemned them. I’ve repeatedly said, and I mean what I say: since they are a terrorist organization, we should not be dealing with them until they recognize Israel, renounce terrorism, and abide by previous agreements.”

” I welcome the Muslim world’s accurate perception that I am interested in opening up dialogue and interested in moving away from the unilateral policies of George Bush, but nobody should mistake that for a softer stance when it comes to terrorism or when it comes to protecting Israel’s security or making sure that the alliance is strong and firm. You will not see, under my presidency, any slackening in commitment to Israel’s security.”

JG: What do you make of Jimmy Carter’s suggestion that Israel resembles an apartheid state?

BO: I strongly reject the characterization. Israel is a vibrant democracy, the only one in the Middle East, and there’s no doubt that Israel and the Palestinians have tough issues to work out to get to the goal of two states living side by side in peace and security, but injecting a term like apartheid into the discussion doesn’t advance that goal. It’s emotionally loaded, historically inaccurate, and it’s not what I believe.”

when I became more politically conscious, my starting point when I think about the Middle East is this enormous emotional attachment and sympathy for Israel, mindful of its history, mindful of the hardship and pain and suffering that the Jewish people have undergone, but also mindful of the incredible opportunity that is presented when people finally return to a land and are able to try to excavate their best traditions and their best selves. And obviously it’s something that has great resonance with the African-American experience.”

When Israel invaded Lebanon two

Ahmad Yaqiin says:

summers ago, I was in South Africa, a place where, obviously, when you get outside the United States, you can hear much more critical commentary about Israel’s actions, and I was asked about this in a press conference, and that time, and for the entire summer, I was very adamant about Israel’s right to defend itself. I said that there’s not a nation-state on Earth that would tolerate having two of its soldiers kidnapped and just let it go. “

Ahmad Yaqiin says:

“I was very adamant about Israel’s right to defend itself. I said that there’s not a nation-state on Earth that would tolerate having two of its soldiers kidnapped and just let it go. “ Barack Hussein Obama

And what about the right of Israel to defend itself from a “flotilla” of terror?

Ahmad Yaqiin says:

Obama seems to be a liar!

Ahmad Yaqiin says:


Ms. Hiscox stated the following: “Earlier this month we reported the Gaza Strip has an infant mortality rate among the highest in the world, but according to the CIA World Factbook, Gaza ranks 109 out of 224 regions in the world, with an infant mortality rate of almost 18 deaths per thousand live births.”

AbeBird says:

Marc Tracy leaves hard traces of partiality… he equates the support of Americans on Israel to the support of the Israelis on ONE American guy. To be even and not miss guided, Tracy should have bring before us a poll that shows the support of Americans on Netanyahu or the amount of support of Israelis on America.

As far as I know more that 90% of Israeli Jews support the US and see her as a bright model of democracy and civilized culture. In that case the American should fix their way they look on Israel and support her with full intention. Obama is just an accident that continues for 4 years. American and Israelis have patient and will wait until “Yes, We Can” will dwindle softly to “No, We Can’t”.

AbeBird says:

rykart ; Don’t invent politics again. Goerge Bush was a great supporter of Israel and Israel built the Jewish villages in Judea and Samaria along with the peace talks with the Arabs. Obama oppresed Israel to stop the inovation while the Arabs still afraid to commit to talks and peace.

Obama in any case is dissastorous to America. He even doesn’t know to speak with out that ‘prompter sure he doesn’t know how to lead America for better and promised future.

Israelis don’t hate Obama but ignore him and some even laufg on him. He deserves this.

rykart is much more aAnti Semite than Silvio Berlusconi, so? Tablemag still host you here. Doesn’t it?

AbeBird says:

Split, “Doctor Science” split, but don’t you come crying to Israel to rescue you when Blacks, Muslims, Hispanics and White Nazis will gather to put you in concentration camps.

Stop Arab Imperalism says:

“Israelis don’t back America back”

This is a false and inaccurate headline and as such should not have been used.

Israelis back America. They do not back Obama’s anti-Israeli policies. Do you really expect Israelis to abuse themselves?

Islamonazism is just another expression of Liberalism says:

What’s the “and yet” in this post?

Dissent is the highest form of patriotism. Dissenting from this Jeremiah Wright-inspired administration is the highest form of patriotism.

Heck, except blacks and welfare parasites, Hussein has what? A 20%? 25% approval rating. Do 75 – 80% of the productive class hate the United States?

Non-Meretz Party Israelis – like all people of conscience and morality – hate Barack Obama: his liberalism and his Islamonazism PRECISELY BECAUSE they love the United States.

Stop Arab Imperalism says:

Now Tablet is allowing anti-Semites like Rehmat to post completely false and fabricated material about Israel:

“Israelis even after receiving over USAID$3 trillion since 1970s”

Actualy, total US aid to Israel has been about $115 billion. The figure given by Rehmat is 25 times the true figure. In other words, Rehmat lied.

Avner Stein says:

So what if a majority of Americans support Israel?

The majority of Americans are not Barack Obama. While it be easy for Americans to be comforted by Obama’s lies, Israel’s security is on the line.

Obama’s military policy is not subject to international scrutiny. After the failed bomb attack in New York, Obama ordered an airstrike thousands of miles away (Pakistan) and killed 5 people – all written off as Taliban druglords.

Then, Obama tried to invent an illusion that the criminal behind the attack had ties to the Taliban.

Obama says he doesn’t believe in assassinations, and yet has accelerated the drone program which has killed upwards of 1,500 people since he took office. Oh, and he’s gifted another 2 billion to Pakistan for 2010 (35,000 killed since 2004), while Israel hasn’t received a dime since November of 2008 outside of the drone program because Obama passed his own rules in the Pentagon which gives him the power of appropriations over foreign military sales.

He denied apache helicopters to Israel, but sold 16 to Egypt.

He said he supported a united Jerusalem during his campaign, but the moment he was elected he said half of it now belongs to some historic Palestine.

Israel’s have good reason to fear Obama. We have been meddling in their affairs for long enough. The only reason we support it is because of oil. If Israel didn’t threaten Arab oil we would have let it rot long ago.

Israel defeated the Arabs multiple times for AIPAC came to be. And we sold more weapons to the Arabs up until the 67 war.

Israelis don’t owe us anything. Israel is still the most pro-American country on the planet, which is surprising considered our leaders have put the complaints of the muslim world ahead of Israel’s security.

Unfortunately American Jews have developed such a love for the democratic party that even when a President who surrounded himself with certified antisemites doesn’t phase them.

Remember – American Jews didn’t give a damn about Israel until 1967.

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Americans Back Israel

Israelis don’t back America back

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