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Israelis Are United Over Medical Marijuana

Do we call this greenwashing, dankwashing, stinkwashing?

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Israeli Medical Marijuana(TokeOfTheTown)

Israel has long been known to have a progressive policy on medical marijuana. While the pastime drug itself is illegal for recreational use, Israel boasts(?) 10,000 patients that are permitted by the government to use medical marijuana. So popular is Israel’s approach that earlier this year, former television personality Montel Williams, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, visited the country to meet with legislators, doctors, and scientists, speaking highly of the initiative.

As the AP notes today (including a moving interview with a Buchenwald survivor), Israel is moving forward.

The medical cannabis industry is expanding as well, fueled by Israel’s strong research sector in medicine and technology — and notably, by government encouragement. Unlike in the United States and much of Europe, the issue inspires almost no controversy among the government and the country’s leadership. Even influential senior rabbis do not voice any opposition to its spread, and secular Israelis have a liberal attitude on marijuana.

Now, Israel’s Health Ministry is considering the distribution of medical marijuana through pharmacies beginning next year, a step taken by only a few countries, including Holland, which has traditionally led the way in Europe in legalizing medical uses of the drug.

Israel has already made advances in the “field.” Earlier this year, the company Tikum Olam developed a strain of medical marijuana that reportedly alleviates nausea, increases appetite, and eases pain for sufferers of Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, and even post-traumatic stress disorder without getting the patient “high” (as the parents are calling it these days).

Does this mean Israel could become the next Holland or Colorado?

Could someone repeat the question?

Israel Pushing Ahead in Medical Marijuana Industry [NYT]
What a drag, Israeli firm grows “highless” marijuana [Reuters]
Medical Marijuana? Montel Williams Impressed by Israeli Approach [CBS]

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The strain of marijuana that Tikun Olam developed is merely one with higher levels of cannabidiol (a non-psychoactive compound that does the things you mentioned) and lower levels of THC (the main psychoactive compound in marijuana discovered and elucidated by Israeli scientist Raphael Mechoulam decades ago). Strains with high CBD to THC ratios have been produced almost everywhere for years, but it seems that Tikun Olam has a particularly good PR department.

I have been accepted in the Israeli program.. I have MSA.

“There is positively no evidence to indicate the abuse of cannabis as medicinal agent or to show that its medical use is leading to the development of cannabis addiction. Cannabis at the present time is slightly used for medical purposes, but it would seem worthwhile to maintain its status as a medicinal agent for such purposes as it now has. There is a possibility that a restudy of the drug by modern means may show other advantages to be derived from its medical use. ”

Testimony at the Atlantic City Convention of the
American Medical Association, June 1937. “Report of Committee on
Legislative Activities,” JAMA, 108 (June 26, 1937): 2214.


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Israelis Are United Over Medical Marijuana

Do we call this greenwashing, dankwashing, stinkwashing?

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