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Sorry, Grandpa, I’m a Jew Now

A convert provides the comment of the week

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(Ravi Joshi/Tablet Magazine)

Winner gets a free Nextbook Press book appropriate to his or her comment (if he or she emails me at with his or her mailing address).

This week’s winner is “Paula,” who reflected upon Marc Grossberg’s personal history about his Jewish grandmother braving a gang of Texas Klan members with this pithy observation: “I am a convert to Judaism. Interestingly enough, it could have been one of my relatives she cold-cocked. Good for her!”

Paula gets a copy of Joseph Telushkin’s Hillel: If Not Now, When?, because the great rabbi would have appreciated that Paula evidently learned what it is to be Jewish as easily as if she had been taught it while standing on one foot.

Brave Soldier
If Not Now, When? [Nextbook Press]

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In response to “Gramma I´m a Jew now” by Mary Tracy of Tablet Magazine….:-

It´s not about converting to Hebrewdom..
It´s about “being” a Jew.. not Jewish but born Sephardim or Ashkenazim
Back around the year 600 AD a Khazar king ordered his folks to revert to the Hebrew faith which he thought suited him best…. No Roman Law nor any Christian variety by John or Jack or Jill and Jinny…. or qny ot those indoctrinations…. NOT for Him nor His People..!!
My 1st wife was pure Sephardic… my 2nd grew up RC… I neffah made a fuzz about any of them personal beings.. beliefs or pretenses…… In their own kind and variety they were both abdsolutely beautifull .. in every aspect… Both died of human deceases.. Cancer and a brain hemoraghe..
Me ?? I am totally non-believing.. All 3 of us accepted our different beings, preferece or predicament… We never argued… We raised our kids and let them choose their own destiny… so what are you all talking about ??
Telling me Jesus is God and He will return to Earth to “save”His Children” ?? Is pure selfish Blasphemy… What about the other “earthly” kritters ?? Do they deserve to peeter out in Hellish Fire becase WE – the “!Great American Believers” claim Jesus is GOD and we know it all..??
I never hear any of the real Jews in my USA… only the brawl of Zionism.. which was kicked out by Briton from Europe… sent to vacated mandated Arab territory and do what they want cause Brtain was sick and tired of the lousy phenigglers…. Israel has no friends with the Btitish… haven´t you observed….. Donah..//

    the other Bob says:

    Another lying Arab who thinks he’s fooling folks. Donah, your rambling screed is naught but 3 paragraphs of Arab propoganda, racist BS, historical ignorance, and really lousy spelling. You were never married to a Jew, Sephardi or otherwise. Paula, this putz doesn’t know squat about Judaism or about being a Jew. The Torah tells us that the sincere convert is every bit as much of a Jew as any Jew born of Jewish parents. If you’re ever unclear, reread the Book of Ruth. Welcome to the tribe, sister.

      Hey Bob, I know, once I saw “revert” I knew it was a Muslim. The rest is nothing I’ve ever heard coming out of the mouth of a Jew, especially the weird Christian rant part. If someone has to be born Jewish to be a Jew then Rabbi Akiva would’ve been what? How about Ruth, although I would say her conversion was a lot easier than what I had to do? Not to worry, we can coldcock the guy just as well as we can do it to a KKK jerk. Let Marc’s bubbe have a go at him!

What do you call someone with a love for the whole thing, the Land, the people, the food, etc. but not quite Jewish. Is that of which the Lord said, to be a Jew inwardly?


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Sorry, Grandpa, I’m a Jew Now

A convert provides the comment of the week

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