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Why Iran Already Has the Bomb

If North Korea has the bomb, as this week’s nuclear test indicated, then for all practical purposes, so does Iran

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People watch a TV broadcast reporting North Korea’s nuclear test at the Seoul Railway station on Feb. 12, 2013 in Seoul, South Korea. (Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images)

The White House and President Obama’s supporters insist that he’s making his first trip to Israel next month to assure the Jewish state that if push comes to shove with Iran, he’ll have Israel’s back. But North Korea’s nuclear test Tuesday morning could indicate that it’s already too late for that. If North Korea has the bomb, then for all practical purposes Iran does, too. If that’s so, then Obama’s policy of prevention has failed, and containment—a policy that the president has repeatedly said is not an option—is in fact all Washington has.

If this sounds hyperbolic, consider the history of extensive North Korean-Iranian cooperation on a host of military and defense issues, including ballistic missiles and nuclear development, that dates back to the 1980s. This cooperation includes North Korean sales of technology and arms, like the BM-25, a missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead and reaching Western Europe; Iran’s Shahab 3 missile is based on North Korea’s Nodong-1 and is able to reach Israel. Iran has a contigent of Iranian weapons engineers and defense officials stationed in North Korea. Meantime, North Korean scientists visit Iran. And last fall, both countries signed a memorandum of understanding regarding scientific, academic, and technological issues.

Given all this, there’s a great deal of concern that, as one senior U.S. official told the New York Times, “the North Koreans are testing for two countries.” The classic case of testing for another country is when the United States tested for the U.K. under the 1958 U.S.–U.K. Mutual Defense Agreement. The situation with the Hermit Kingdom and the Islamic Republic is different: The North Koreans certainly aren’t going to make the cooperation quite so explicit, but they’re also not hiding it. In January, Kim Jong-un boasted that the United States was the prime target for Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile tests. Earlier this month, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei rejected the idea of nuclear negotiations with the United States. So, neither North Korea nor Iran believe the White House can do much to stop their march—one that they seem to be conducting in lockstep.

Nuclear-proliferation experts I spoke with are reluctant to push the conclusion quite that far. “There’s no evidence of direct cooperation on nuclear tests,” Jeffrey Lewis, director of the East Asia Nonproliferation Program at Monterey Institute, told me. “And it would be hard to know,” he added, given the paranoid, secretive nature of both regimes. Unless or until the North Koreans or Iranians volunteer that information, it is going to be hard to prove definitively that the North Koreans would give the bomb—or blueprints for one—to Iran.

For North Korea, the incentive to transfer technology, or an actual bomb, in exchange for money, or whatever else the regime needs, is powerful. The only world power capable of discouraging them from proliferating is China, but the Chinese are not going to push much harder than offering stiff rhetoric. The Chinese don’t necessarily want North Korea to have a bomb, but what they fear even more is destabilizing their neighbor such that the regime falls, the Korean peninsula is reunited, and they wind up with a pro-American government hosting 50,000 U.S. troops on their border. Beijing prefers to have a buffer.

Pyongyang’s nuclear program is the crown jewel of the North Korean state enterprise, a carefully guarded secret to which they have given only Iran access. Given how extensively the Iranian nuclear program has been penetrated by foreign intelligence services—which foreign minister Ali Akbar Salehi openly admitted in 2010—the North Koreans surely understood they were taking an enormous risk by letting Iranians in the door. Whatever they’re getting from Iran in exchange—oil, money, or scientific cooperation on complicated issues—must be crucial. If Tehran has paid for access to Pyongyang’s program, it will also pay for a bomb. At this point, it could be only a matter of haggling over the price.

“Some of us have been saying this is something to worry about for five or six years,” said Henry Sokolski, executive director of the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center in Washington, D.C. “The North Koreans have been cooperating with Iran for about a decade on nuclear and missile issues, and the Iranians have several full-time weapons engineers on site in North Korea. Neither the North Koreans or the Iranians have made a secret of this. The Iranians were reported at North Korea’s last nuclear test as well. It’s hard to believe they had no access to the most recent test.”

North Korea’s previous test, its second, in May 2009 yielded an explosion half the size of Tuesday’s. The preparatory commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization measured Tuesday’s test as 5.0 in magnitude, which according to Sokolski is about half the size of the Hiroshima blast.

The fact that this is the third test, said Sokolski, is significant. “Either the North Koreans want to give the international community a nuclear Bronx cheer, or they’re testing something more advanced than they tested the first two times. If you’re trying to improve your technology you don’t keep testing the same first generation device over and over again.”

While details are still unclear, the widespread belief is that the North Koreans tested an enriched uranium device this time, while the first two tests used plutonium. The al-Kibar nuclear site in Syria, which the North Koreans helped design—and which the Israelis bombed in 2007—was a plutonium facility. Some experts suspect that if the bomb detonated Tuesday was using enriched uranium, this is yet another piece of evidence that Iran is likely “using North Korea as a backdoor plan for their own nuclear program.”

Lewis, who has written about the ties between Iranian and North Korean scientists, agrees that there has definitely been some coordination in the past on numerous defense issues. “Last fall North Korea and Iran signed a memorandum of understanding regarding science and technology issues. The North Koreans published a list of officials who signed the document, including the head of Iran’s atomic energy organization and its defense minister. We should be concerned about them exchanging information, and there are precedents for states passing on designs. The Chinese passed on designs to the Pakistanis who handed them off to the Libyans.”

Pakistan and Qaddafi’s Libya are open societies in comparison to Iran and North Korea. The regimes in Pyongyang and Tehran are highly ideological, where major policy decisions are made in a tight circle around the man on top—Kim Jong-un of North Korea and Ali Khamenei of Iran. Both regimes have made nuclear weapons a vital strategic interest, in spite of sanctions that have sent the Iranian currency plummeting and brought North Korea to the brink of starvation. But sharing nuclear information gives both a way out. North Korea will get billions that Iran will happily pay for a bomb or blueprints. Iran, once in possession of the bomb, will see Europe and perhaps even the United States relax their sanctions regimes in the hopes of getting Iran to the negotiating table by playing nice.

If this is the case, Obama will go down in history as the American president who presided over global nuclear proliferation, including rogue regimes. After four years of restraining the Israelis, he may now be going to visit them next month for a good reason: to apologize.


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Barak Obama presides neither over North Korea nor Iran. Do you have access to wikipedia?

    Carney3 says:

    He presides over a deliberately weak, permissive policy toward both terrorist regimes.

      Thats just silly

        Carney3 says:

        Has he stopped their programs even a little? Is either nation seriously worried that he’ll use force to stop them?

          Dancy Lawrence says:

          North Korea tested its first weapon when Bush was president.

          He dropped the ball on Korea instead chasing Iraq.

          Carney3 says:

          Both the North Korean nuke and 9/11 were a consequence of the Clinton “peace dividend”, in reality a looting and crippling of our military and intelligence community (such as Jamie Gorelick’s “firewall” preventing CIA from notifying FBI when foreign spies or terrorists entered our country). That holiday from history had long lasting consequences.

          Whining that Iran was “strengthened” by liberating Iraq is like whining about Stalin benefiting from beating Hitler. The world is full of malefactors and you can’t topple all of them at once.

          A great deal of “anti war” agitation was indeed unpatriotic. Almost no demonstrators ever protested against our enemies’ fighting us. If Saddam had cooperated with weapons inspectors or had otherwise taken the steps necessary to de-rogue his nation and avoid war, or had his regime’s dead-ender loyalists and the various militias and terror groups after his fall laid down their arms, the war would have ended instantly. By only protesting the US-led coalition’s refusal to be chased out of Iraq by terrorists and extremists, the “anti war” demonstrators showed themselves to be not “anti war” at all – they were anti-American.

          The fact that more Americans died in Afghanistan than in 9/11 is irrelevant. More Americans died in World War 2 than in Pearl Harbor too.

          It is true that whatever North Korea does, it does only with China’s permission. However, there are other countries with nuclear weapons that are never discussed, such as India and Pakistan.

          Pakistan is more responsible for the proliferation of nuclear weapon knowledge and development than any other nation in the world, and Pakistan is often judged to be a failing state. A failing state equates with an irrational state, but nobody seems to be concerned enough about it to allow one word issue from their mouths about it. When we consider the dangers facing humanity square in the eye, we pretend it never happened and we quietly, subtley tip-toe away from it like it didn’t happen. Thus, we tend no to consider the danger of such a state as Pakistan.

          “The entire world is a very narrow bridge.”

          Carney3 says:

          I agree that everyone treats Pakistan with kid gloves. But that’s because it already has nuclear weapons and a credible delivery system. Along with being in danger of being toppled by Islamists at any time. Unless we want Iran and North Korea to get away with what Pakistan does now we have to prevent the same thing from happening there.

          Why you not say that US is most responsible for proliferation of Nuclear Weapon, giving to Israelis, UK, South Africa under which allowance, Just because US is a Global policeman!!! Terrorism in whole world from US is so evident that no one can deny. CIA and US Army are biggest terrorist in World but no one can say something and Iran/ North Korea never attacked any one, but US has attacked 33 countries. Still US is not terrorist!!!!!

          lessthantolerant says:

          Ass W has not been in office for five years! When will you pull your head from your ass and realize you worship a Islamic supporter?

        John Cox says:

        Not quite. Obama’s policy towards terrorist regimes in China and Israel is very weak.

      you want to blame Pres. Obama for things that occurred in the 80s? bla bla.

      The word – terrorist… I don’t think it means what you think it means.

    Obama [s president of United States and main job of president is to keep Americans safe if he lets Iran get nuclear weapons Saudi Arabia will get nuclear weapons Egypt will go for nuclear weapons and would not be very safe for Americans all these crazy Muslims having nuclear weapons you know one of them will be looking for his 72 virgins

      You should be Jew!! Jealous of Muslims, Israel can get Nukes then why not others, who you are to object if US or UK or Israel has!!! Why are you so afraid!! Be Brave !!!

David Abraham says:

What Lee Smith fails to mention is that the progress toward nuclear armament in North Korea and Iran was something which advanced by leaps and bounds during the Bush administration. He also seems to happily ignore the fact that the unnecessary invasion of Iraq was perhaps the single most important development to embolden Iran and improve their position on the regional and global level. So, yes, this may occur during the Obama administration, but blaming it on Obama is either an act of stupidity or willful disingenuousness.

    Carney3 says:

    If we hadn’t invaded Iraq, Iraq would be presenting us with another Iran / North Korea style dilemma. International will to continue the sanctions was crumbling in the face of “dead children!” propaganda and outright bribery, ensuring resumed access to dual-use materials.
    Also I fail to see how a nuke-seeking Iraq would have slowed Iran’s nuclear program compared to the status quo.
    Finally, you carefully ignore how, far from being emboldened, it was the (not only necessary but drastically overdue) liberation of Iraq that chastened Libya into full disclosure and giving up on its nuclear program, whose extent surprised the world.

      This is true. Sanctions were breaking down and there was a lot of pressure to lift them entirely. We now know that Iraq’s WMD programs had gone dormant, but there was soon going to be huge amounts of money pouring into the country, and the pressure to restart the programs to counter Iran’s pursuit of a nuclear weapon would have been very strong. Iran probably thought Iraq still had an active weapons program, and the two countries could easily have felt pushed into an arms race once Iraq had the money to fund it. Whether that justifies the Iraq invasion is debatable, but it shouldn’t be ignored.

        Dancy Lawrence says:

        “sanctions breaking down”
        “program had gone dormant”
        These don’t seem to go together, you know…

      The same way they shipped their chemical and biological weapons components out – as senior officers in the RG admitted later – by truck via Syria, which was all to happy at the time to play both sides (Iraq and Iran).

      Carney3 says:

      WMDs being brought into Iraq was not impossible given deception (smuggling), corruption (France’s Iraq policy was later found to have been influenced by massive Iraqi bribes in the Total Oil scandal), etc.

      Nor is importing weapons the only means. Iraq had an extensive infrastructure of WMD scientists and experts. Any access to dual use materials would have been useful to a WMD program. Before the Gulf War, Iraq had had not just one but two prior illicit nuclear weapons programs, the first smashed by an Israeli air raid on the nuclear plant, the second, more distributed and using harder-to-detect 1940s technology, uncovered only after the Gulf War brought in inspectors.

      The sanctions you speak so highly of were increasingly controversial, and the willpower of the international community to maintain them was visibly crumbling in the face of propaganda about dying children. As soon as access to dual use materials resumed with the end of sanctions, the WMD program could have resumed at full speed.

      Finally, you ignore the issue of holdover WMDs, those made pre-1991 but illegally and illicitly retained afterwards. After the 2003 liberation coalition forces found hundreds of chemical warheads, mostly ignored by a heavily “anti war” world media.

      his silly on truth about President Bush lying is so ridiculous president Clinton and the democratic leadership believed he had the chemical weapons his own generals believed he had chemical weapons. make this story and believe it I have no understanding of this it reminds me of Soviet Union and China Marxist silly insane stories about life in the west. But then again the left are like religious zealots to them the conservatives are evil if you were all good you can say anything and do anything to beat evil

amasiam says:

“Both regimes have made nuclear weapons a vital strategic interest” Precisely when did Iran’s supreme leader make such a statement?

    He hasn’t made the statement. In fact, the writer ignores the fact that the supreme leader issued a fatwa against it…

      And yet, his ‘surrogates’ update us on a daily basis about new underground nuclear sites, the additional uranium they’ve acquired, and the number of centrifuges they’ve got spinning. Nothing is more lethal than loons with bombs.

    Really, so why is Iran’s supreme leader willing to endure years of world sanctions for something NOT vital?

      Because this is their red line, they are not going to be humiliated over and over. Its a matter of national pride. If there wasnt nuclear question it would be something else. And nuclear program is their right under NPT. You dont give up your rights, right?

Carney3 says:

Well, he’s good at apologizing to our enemies. Let’s see how good he is at apologizing to our friends.

“Obama will go down in history as the American president who presided over global nuclear proliferation, including rogue regimes”

History lesson: The North Koreans tested their bomb in 2006 before Obama came to power. Now who was in power in 2006?

Is that even really “history”? It is more like recent news. Please keep up with the recent news Lee Smith of the Orwellian “Foundation for Defense of Democracies”.

    He’s speaking of the possible sharing of nuclear technology between North Korea and Iran.

      Which we KNOW they’ve already done. That’s why Iranian “experts” are always present at N. Korean missile launches.

    And they (N. Korea) were able to do so courtesy of the preceding President (i.e., Bill Clinton) and his Sec of State Madeline Halfbright. Will never forget the picture of Madam Secretary toasting & clinking champagne glasses with N. Korean loon Kim Jung Il.

“Qaddafi’s Libya”??

If the Iranian’s blow off a bomb before 2014, the midterm elections will be the Democrat party’s Waterloo.

SteveSiporin says:

The only thing off base in this article is the idea that Obama would apologize. He’s way too arrogant for that. Not to Israel and not to Netanyahu, anyway.

    Jerzy Kaltenberg says:

    None are so blind as those who refuse to see. The ayatollahs care about the west bank to the extent that Israeli policy is a useful tool for maintaining their influence with the disaffected. They care about Gaza about as much….plainly, this is not a question of territorial squabbles with the Arabs, but a deeper issue. Syria is in the midst of a civil war, circa 60k + have been killed by Arab on Arab violence, and yet Bibi’s the problem which is inflaming the region?

    It is folly to think that this has anything to do with Iranian nuclear ambitions. To make things clear, there is no way for Israel to be conciliatory with respect to people who see the destruction of Israel and extirpation of the Jews as a religious & political, existential necessity.

    I find is silly attack on Netanyahu mental state so childish but this is the argument your side uses way has no real intelligent argument slander person say he beats and wife say he’s a racist cities of fascists this is wearing thin

pkbrandon says:

There are two statements here that are pure speculation:
First, that North Korea in fact has a nuclear weapon that can be delivered by a missile in use by North Korea.
Second, that North Korea has in fact provided such weapons systems to Iran. That would be painting a big target on Iran’s back, and Iran’s foreign policy has historically been far less reckless than North Korea’s. For one thing, Iran is far more concerned with its own public opinion (contrast the standards of living in the two countries) and is much more sensitive both to international economic sanctions and the risks of major population losses in a war.

    Where do you think are an has been getting its missile technology from. And leadership in Iran does not care how much people suffer it wants its nuclear weapons and who knows i you could get 72 virgins

FifthHorseman says:

North Korea needs oil to run its country and what better place is from Iran. A tanker of oil here a tanker of oil there it all can be traded Iran had help in its process of its nuclear rods from other countrues that are also in building nuclear weapons.
There is a company caled Urenco that have sold its units to anyone who had money and some countries have acted as middle men to offer resell those units to places like Iraq, Iran and North Korea. It is all business.
While N. Korea does have the ability to lunch and place in orbit a small package the next step for it is place a 5K nuclear packet in orbit to explode over the USA that EMP would send the country back 150 years. A similar device also exploding over other countries would have similar effects basicly putting the world into pre telegraphy mood.

What a piece of yellow dog journalism. The Obama administration has consistently supported the IAEA and strict policing over non-NPT nations. Twas his successor, George W. Bush, who un-corked the atomic genie and flouted the NPT rules at the very beginning of his Presidency. America raised the stakes of this dangerous game, and the pigeons are now coming home to roost. If you think Iraq was bad, wait until the world has to deal with rogue states which possess MIRV’ed ICBMs. That day is not far away. Scroll back to William Jefferson Clinton – the world was a far safer, more stable place. Just don’t blame Obama. This did not happen overnight.

    T’was has an apostrophe. The small one. The larger one – Bush was Obama’s predecessor, not his successor. The world under Clinton saw 3 terrorist attacks on US interests by foreign powers. It saw Iraq commit the repeated violations of the cease-fire that should have been the primary argument for resuming the Gulf War (which did not officially end until 2004 or 2005 when the new Iraqi government signed a treaty with the USA which ended the first Gulf War). By law, Clinton could have invaded Iraq in 1996 after Iraq fired upon NATO (US) aircraft in the no-fly zone. He could have invaded Iraq after they refused to provide access to suspected chemical weapons sites in the desert (we bombed them – and documentation found after the fall of Hussein stated they were chem-weapons labs). By law, the first time Hussein said “no, the inspectors may not look in this place”, we could have removed him from power by the use of force. All of these infractions happened on the watch of Bill Clinton.

    And then, there was his response to 3 Al Qaeda attacks on US interests. WTC attack in 1993. Khobar Towers attack. USS Cole attack. In return, we lobbed a couple dozen cruise missiles at camps or suspected camps and the administration said “see, we’re protecting the nation” all while cutting back every aspect of our national defense – from research to war-fighting capabilities, and especially to intelligence gathering.

    lessthantolerant says:

    I hope Obama helps Israel when Iran attempts to unleash it nukes on you. Otherwise you’ll have to recognize he is an Islamic supporter.

      Jews are always coward looking for help for their fathers and not able to fight at their own!!!

        lessthantolerant says:

        You sand ni99ers amuse me. you diddle your camels and your own sons and then you wonder why humanity thinks you are animals.
        Give it up the Jews have always kicked your asses and they always will.

Arup_2 says:

Somebody explain to the “brains” that in today’s digitized world, an “atom bomb” is Contimerely a detailed blueprint (OK it is a file that goes over the Internet) to build one using a screwdriver of already available parts or of parts that can be made easily. Transfer of technology is merely an “FTP request”

Testing? It is outsourced as the author suggests.

“Tehran has paid for access to Pyongyang’s program” – The jump from the failed satellite launch to the next successful one was crucial – clearly there was Iranian help – it is called barter!

Till this I agree with the author. What I do not agree is his rhetoric against Obama!

(a) His trip to Israel: Everyone in the world knows why he is going there. He is going there to read out the Riot Act (a) Implement US policy of two states based on 1967 borders (with mutually acceptable land swaps) (b) OR accept a One State with one person one vote (if Israel is dreaming of Jim Crow Laws in West Bank then Israel is NOT getting support from an African American President!)

(b) “Obama will go down in history as the American president who presided over global nuclear proliferation, including rogue regimes.” – No! Obama recognizes you cannot bomb Knowledge or the Internet. He also realizes that endless wars based on entangling alliances is making the country broke. It is this very “policy shift” that has won the hearts and minds of the young “post-Vietnam generation” Voters!!

North Korea uses Plutonium for it’s bombs. Iran does not have that thus this story is based on a false premises. It is much easier to make a bomb from Plutonium. Now we do not know this for sure but this is the best guess.

Iran needs to deliver it’s bombs and that is a real problem. Making these bombs small enough for a missile is very difficult. Thus why North Korea is still testing.

dongszkie says:

Like north korea that the international community is rendered helpless and reduced to pleading down like psycophant,so is the case with Iran. Empty threats from the U.S. becomes too familiar and sterile that everybody has to resigned with reality having Iran with the bomb. If north korea got with it so do Iran soon,or is already have. Helplessness of the international community to deal with the issue becomes the norm of the day.

Why would anyone think Obama would “apologize” to Israel for allowing the Iranians to get the H-Bomb? If Obama says anything it will be “mission accomplished.”

Fredric M. London says:

That will indeed be Obama’s legacy. However, I doubt very much he intends to apologize to Israel. Maybe he will gloat?

“After four years of restraining the Israelis, he may now be going to visit them next month for a good reason: to apologize.”

Not likely.

    Apologize for what? Palestinians are Israeli problem and not American. Iran threaten first Israel, second Arab Sunni states, third Europe and forth the US. If Obama felt asleep it should be Israel’s problem.In that case Israel should take care of the Iranian problem by herself. Maybe with the help of some Arab states that afraid of the Iranian monster.

      K, I’m a “numb neocon paranoid”, but I’m also right! preemptive wars? This is not a was in the common meaning but aerial attack. Israel attacked Iraq nuke in 1981, Syrian nuke in 2007 and there were no wars. afterwards. It is difficult to attack Iran because of the distance but it easier to prevent her from reacting against Israel. Israel will have the opportunity to solve the critical problem with Hezbollah if they will play the Iranian proxy and will start firing rockets over Israel. It’s time for big changes in the Islamic winter Middle East!

      There is no “barrel of a gun” aimed at “the whole world”, the gun is first aimed at Israel! Any way, if the Iranian would have suggested to attack Europe first, I would agree with you, and let the Iranians to do so. But that not the case. Israel should free the ME from the Islamic insanity semi-armies, first for her own survival, even if you call yourself a” non-numb Muslebcon paranoid”.

“If North Korea has the bomb, then for all practical purposes Iran does, too. If that’s so, then Obama’s policy of prevention has failed”

The first North Korean nuclear test was on Oct 9, 2006. So I guess Iran has had the bomb for about six years now. Do you happen to recall who was President of the United States back then? Hint: It starts with ‘B’.

So, let me get this straight. All the experts said “No, you’re making shit up.”, and you continue to push your bogus anyway ? Lol.

lessthantolerant says:

Let us hope Iran attempts to eradicate Israel, maybe then they will turn from their liberal policies and decide to begin the genocide which is necessary in the middle east. Islam is a cult of death and liberals like Obama want it to thrive.

ExMachina says:

Mr. Smith is trying to assure us Iran has already the Bomb. While usually I disagree with many of Mr. Smith’s ideas, in this case I am strongly on his side but I would suggest to rectify his statement by simply assuming that IRI has already, irreversibly and solidly acquired the full know-how of N. technology, that is, the so-called “Nuclear Capability”, in the same exact way as Japan, S.Africa, Brasil, etc. etc…. do. In such a completely new framework no need to fall in the childish cheap partisanship and run the usual frankly stupid blame-game. We need Nixon-Kissinger’s type of diplomatic and strategic courage as well as a fresh policy guideline. Here are a few things to recall while working in such a direction: First, in the current conditions the sanction policy is definitely the WRONG answer and it’s actually blowing back by all means [just read the news!!]. Iran is not N.Korea nor is it comparable to political zombies such as Saudi Arabia or similar yet fictitious agglomerates such as the Persian Golf Arab dictatorships, Libya, Syria, even Iraq, etc.: It’s a nation-state [in the European sense] with a powerful and heartfelt national pride and identity with at least 25 centuries of known history, almost 80 mil inhabitants, strongly patriotic, a highly sophisticated economy, all kinds of raw materials and a very young and highly trained, educated and largely modernized population. Do not forget that Iranians started their quest for political liberalization and democracy with the first Constitutional Revolution back in 1906 when many of the current Middle-Eastern political entities did not even exist on the map!! The only rational and politically fruitful way to deal with Iran, particularly in the new situation of acquired N. capabilites, is to recognize it for what it really is and represents. All that simply means we need to facilitate them by all means to fully integrate in the international economy and institutions instead of idiotically sanctioning the country with disastrous consequences for the population, particularly the burgeoning and politically active and savvy middle class. In regards to the N. technology, US and allies should: 1) Recognize Iran as a solidly and irreversibly N. capable country; 2) Factor in the political, diplomatic and strategic calculations the NEW Iran’s status as N. capable country; 3) Adjust the Middle East policies [US v. Israel, US vs S.Arabia, US vs Egypt, Turkey, etc., Two state solution and the Peace Process] in lights of the new reality where the Israeli N. warheads are at this point in time effectively and finally counterbalanced by the newly acquired Iranian N. capabilities;4) Enter in full dialogue with Iran in regards to the regional security and stability issues; 5) Forget about futile “regime change” miscalculations and leave the political reforms and democratization process to the Iranians and their political forces and organizations. Only in such a rational strategic and policy framework there will the possibility to create the conditions for a successful non-proliferation policy based on mutual respect and continued dialogue. This is also the only realistically conceivable condition where there will be a future for a democratic and Jewish Israel, avoiding the current risks of imperialistic, authoritarian and fundamentalist degeneration.

ausjac says:

Comments are null and void…Iran isn’t making a bomb.

mgbmdmph says:

This may sound heretical, but it makes MINIMAL DIFFERENCE whether or not IRAN has nuclear weapons or nuclear weapons capacity.

Just like North Korea, Iran gained that capability chiefly by way of the Pakistani AQ Khan who should be hanged for international war crimes.

Unless she is both suicidal and homicidal, Iran cannot use a nuclear weapon
against Israel. Even the Ayatollahs recognize this.

If they were ever stupid enough to attack Israel, Iran would be vaporized
within 20 minutes and THEY KNOW IT.

Lee Smith is yet another Neocon/American exceptionalist who knows next to
nothing and understands less – as did Dick Cheney and the others of the same

President Obama is bound by oath to uphold the Constitution of the United
States. He is no better and no worse than any other President in this regard.

Anyone fool enough to think that ANY American President can place Israel’s
perceived interests above those of the United States is (to put it charitably)
naive and ignorant.

P.S. – I do not think much more highly of Mr. Netanyahu than I do of Mr.

Neither has the foggiest notion of Middle Eastern geopolitics and neither seems
to grasp that every Middle Eastern state OTHER than Israel is little more than
a tribal society or Royal dictatorship.

Israel’s task is to be a ‘light unto the nations’. So is America’s.

Much as I love Israel and consider her my ancestral home, any unilateral attack on Iran, even if it should encourage American and Canadian support, would violate international law, Halacha, and demean Israel’s true place in the world.

Lee Smith: Remember what our sages taught us: “Do not unto others what you do not wish to have done unto you. All the rest is commentary. Now, go learn.”

docmusic says:


Iran must get nuclear weapons. It must start flexing it’s
nuclear muscles and when that reaches a tipping point the field will be equal
and war will be justified. Right now leveling iran would be foolish because
then the Blood Cultic excuse would be they weren’t ready and garner pity.
Not going to let that happen.

Let iran start something and then watch what happens. The
mushroom clouds will be so big all muslims will be able to see and meet their
evil ALLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH in a flash from all over the world. Do not
under-estimate the wrath of the common non-muslim people on the planet. Muslims
all over the planet will be hunted down and told to either get out of Islam or
die and meet their evil-ALLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH post haste. This is not some
day-dream .this will factually happen when iran and saudi arabia and Libya and
all these Blood Cultic countries stop funding Blood Cultic insurgencies because
their source of income is shut down by a war they have started and foolishly do
not know how to end. Islam is not known for it’s logic. When the petrol money
taps are shut down non muslims will be unforgiving in the bite back to Blood
Cult. This will happen. Too many non-muslims will take the law into their own
hands and will do what needs to be done. Islam will be on the run but will be
hunted down and expunged from the planet. For this to happen iran has to have
nuclear weapons first. When everything is in place their reactors will be their
deaths in the millions. but the real clean-up will start outside Iran. Europe
and Russia will lead the west and India and Australia will do the floor-wipe
and all small islands and china will do it too. Right now there are muslims
gathering in south America. let them gather. south Americans are merciless.
they might be drug lords but they know evil is amongst them and will expunge

This planet is totally fed up of this evil Blood Cultic
nonsense cult.

Hence Iran not only has to get nuclear weapons BUT has to
use them !!!

ISLAM IS RABID. Islam labels people who are all alike
differently and builds walls separating them instead of bringing them together.

Islam glorifies death by calling its murderers the
soldiers of ALLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH. Islam preaches superiority of the
“we” and inferiority of the “other.” it is a creed steeped
in superstition, demands blind obedience to authority, and sanctions just about
every form of freedom. Everything in Islam is in black and white. One is either
muslim — good — or non-muslim — bad. Men are superior; women are
subservient. This life is worthless and should be offered for the pleasure of ALLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH
as defined by the evil clergy.

Islam is a creed of a primitive age. It is fixated in
time and place; it harbors the ambition of taking the 21st-century world back
fourteen centuries and ruling it by its dogma of intolerance, injustice, and
death. Yet Islam is not only an obsolete vestige of a defunct era, but itself
is an infinitely fractured belief that can hardly put its own home in order.
The numerous Blood Cultic sects are at each other’s throats; sub-sects and
schools despise one another as much as they hate the non-muslims. Hatred, not love,
drives Blood Cult.

We have to try and avoid the yoke of Blood Cultic
slavery and its blinders that imprison a billion and half people by walls of
superstition, hatred of others, and celebration of death.

It is distressing to witness Islam making headway in
the traditionally non-Blood Cultic lands. Masses of brainwashed faithful,
semi-literate muslims, badly underserved in their own native lands, are moving
to countries where the “infidels” welcome them with material wealth
denied to them in their own homeland, as well as the liberty to subvert the
very societies that give them refuge.

Get your facts right girls and boys .Islam is not
a religion. Islam is a cult. In the pure definition of a robber cult. Ever
wondered why they hate dogs ?

Because dogs can sense thieves and evil…and Cult
Leader was both plus a pedophile plus a rapist plus too much evil to list here.

Started by a mass murderer and a legendary
pedophile. if you still do not know this fundamental fact about Islam it is not
your fault. but you are starting to learn. welcome to the world-wide awakening
on the Islam cult. even Muslim men are starting to realize in their born into
the Islam cult imprisoned states what muslim women always knew behind their
burkhas and scars but are too scared to say it .Islam is evil. And evil is

Mother nature is trying her level best to
eradicate Islam from her body but it’s taking too much time.. Maybe we should
give her a helping hand ..after all she taught us the secrets of the atom..
Time to use the atomic stuff to eradicate this evil. Once and for all. Let us
give mother nature a helping hand before all her body gets covered with the Blood
Cultic eczema and she has to wear a burkha…god forbid.

The dirtiest and filthiest stone in the world is in mecca.

The faster we get rid of Islam the better it is for all of us . Think of all
the money we’ll save..

A group of muslim-zombies is called “a fester of muslim-zombies.”.

Let them build the mosque at ground zero. Taller
than the towers. it’s fine. let bark Hussein oh!bama build a mosque on the
white house lawns.. Taller than the white house. it’s fine. let prince Charles
build one on the palace lawns. taller than the palace. it’s fine. let the pope
build a mosque on the Vatican grounds. taller than the Vatican building. it’s
fine .. The more mosques the better and the taller they are the better..
That is the only way common people will start seething at intrusive and evil Blood
Cult. I predict that within a 100 years there will be no mosques left in this
world and there will be no Islam on the planet because saudi arabia and the muslim
countries will be wiped out by the anger of the rest of the planet’s non muslim
people. Islam is in it’s death swirl. but it is dying with a lot of blood and
shouts. but it is definitely dying.. The mask of religion it has been hiding
behind will soon be lifted off by the courts around the world.. People
including muslims who factually think out of the box of Islam are starting to
see Islam for what it is. Islam is a robber cult started by a women-hating mass
murderer and a legendary pedophile amongst other things. Blood Cult’s days are
numbered.. Let us help them build their mosques so we can pull them down
en-masse. Their daggers are out but we have our bulldozers and our logic.

Do not be afraid to call Islam evil or dirty or filthy or gutter creed slime.
The koran calls all other faiths and people and colors very dirty names . Black
people are raisin-heads and only to be slaves even if muslim in filthy Blood
Cult. Noble Jews are pigs and monkeys according to creepy Blood Cult. And the
list is endless. Read it for yourselves. Go ahead feel free .check out who you
are in the gutter slime of Blood Cult. These dirty degenerate terms were cooked
up on a daily basis by that total PSYCHO Cult Leader in the desert heat around
nothing but sand and lots of spare time. PureMad boy is the classic textbook
case of an idle mind and hands being the devil’s workshop.


Islam has no prayer factually. Islam has just a bunch of slogans about a cooked
up evil nut called ALLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH who’ll k i l l them if they didn’t and how
stupid everyone else is. if Islam had not been cooked up and mo-boy had not had
such an active and evil imagination arabs would have petered out and got lost
in the testicles of decent men. but this did not happen and Islam is now such a
problem because decent men have been deceived by it . the flashpoint is being
reached. dark times are coming. decent men will have to fight too. can you
imagine this lovely planet without Blood Cult. Islam is a heritage vandal. like
a rampant genetically defective monkey in a china shop. and rabid to boot.
think of all the cultures of majestic india left in place instead of this mess
you see in the name of murderers . real majestic india is and was pre-Islam
vandalism. think of beautiful europe if these muslim monkeys had not been
invented in the desert heat and dust .think of all the buddhist art in stone
Islam has deprived us of appreciating. the world trade centre was magnificent.
destroyed by Blood Cult. according to Islam only arabic scribblings is art and
the bigger ALLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH is written the more beautiful it is
…..yeah sure ! Islam needs to be put to sleep permanently . i can’t imagine the
blood-shed but it will have to happen.

primitive man will surface from modern man to challenge and lance once and for
all the primitive cult of Islam at it’s own gutter level. Islam is the next
small pox this planet has to eradicate. once Islam is out of the planetary
system pc will once again be cool and good manners. watch !

The spreading of Islam by the sword, which by some estimates left 270 million
non-muslims like you and me dead and millions more like us enslaved over the
past 14 centuries, is a historical fact that is sanitized from most public
school and university textbooks.

The tolerance of Blood Cultism intolerance is not tolerance but cultural

Because Muslim men don’t see enough of women, little boys begin to look awfully

Radical Muslim groups encourage women to cover their faces and even conceal the
shape of their shoulders by using layers of drapes.

It’s a mistake to view the hijab or burkha or forced head scarves as a
“personal freedom,”

“it is rather a declaration of extremism and war against all


Islam has been at war with the whole
planet(PeaceBeUponUsNon-muslims) since 1400 years. Islam is a genocidal cult
with a billion members who want you dead or forcibly converted.

Why is “k i l l  all
the unbelievers wherever you find them” so hard to understand?

It will take another 15 years or so for the planet to wake up completely and as
one to realize that Islam is not a religion at all but a mass murdering cult
started by a very disturbed evil murderer and pedophile that has spiraled out
of control. The source of this evil is Mecca and this will have to be vaporized
and all the mosques on the planet will have to be razed to the ground. All the
Korans and all their evil cult literature will have to be burnt and only then
will peace come. About 2 billion Muslims will have to be k i l l ed. There
seems to be absolutely no option to this scenario. Muslim means violent-cult
member and violent cults cannot co-exist with the rest of this planet in this
day and age. Think about it ..their population is spiraling and our resources
are dwindling and these insane cult members are looking forward to Armageddon.
We should give it to them. Let their evil day dreams come true. WHEN WILL THIS
it is today the term “muslim” in the free world is a spittoon and an
insult. Blood will have to flow. is there another way ? The Gaia theory guy
Lovestock says there should be 1 billion people max on this planet. Today there
are nearly 7 billion.. If we minus 2 billion Muslims = 5 billion. 5 billion
peaceful people on the planet will be a tight squeeze but it’ll be cool. Let us
cull these cult members from this lovely planet for their sakes as their evil
book instructs them to be evil and not co-exist with the rest of the planet.
Let us send them on their way to their evil ALLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH. Call
it pest control or what you will but it will have to be done. Dark times are
coming and come they will. A few years back thinking like this would have been
ridiculous but with every passing day we encounter more and more of these
made-mad-by-Islam people who refuse to live in the present and refuse to see
the madness in their thoughts and actions. Locking them up means feeding them
and spending resources that could be used for good and science otherwise.
Science is anathema to them and the dirty years of their pedophile and mass
murdering leader is the only era to live in be it… Let’s get rid of
them. Anyone can start an evil cult but everyone can stop it. if anyone has
another option that would make more sense let me know. I’m not an Israeli but
if anyone should start this mass cull it should be Israel because when the evil
mad man was alive and spewing at them they didn’t knock him off and look what’s
happened. It’s never too late to stamp out filthy evil. Never too late. We all,
bar none will help the Israelis.. We have to ..for our sakes and for the good
of children and this lovely planet. It is said that blood always flows where
Muslims go…soon blood will flow where Muslims have gone but it will be Muslim
blood that will flow. Non-Muslim good blood will also flow in the fight back by
evil but that is expected. We live in interesting times. Get ready boys and
girls ..our grand-children will thank us but first we have some sincere work to
do even if it repulses us. Such is life. After dark comes light and only after
Islam is smashed will come peace for our children’s children. We have to make
this happen. And the only way it’s not going to is if we leave any Muslims
alive. 2+2=4, so few Muslims =few mosques , therefore more Muslims= more
mosques , so no Muslims = no mosques .

So in conclusion : no Muslims= no evil Islam = peace on earth and living in
peace with science and joy and laughter.

Class over. for today . Don’t forget to do your homework boys and girls. Read
up more on the dirty evil cult of Blood Cult.

Fartig says:

The Iranians offered to give up their nukes and their nuclear ambitions in 2001 and 2002. Cheney refused to negotiate. This is history. This is a fact. Please, no more neo-con sophistry about Obama. But of course, without neo-con sophistry, Lee Smith would fall into a permanent and well-deserved silence.

stanlee98 says:

Maybe it’s time for Israel to come out of the closet, and allow nuclear inspectors to its own facilities.

Peace in the region will not come from hardliners like Netanyahu and his gang.

Israel cannot be trusted. It attacked the USS Liberty, killing many Americans.

It keeps violating international law, assassinating people in sovereign countries, blowing up car bombs in Iran, murdering civilians on a regular basis, even in international waters, and so on.

It uses its vast media propaganda machine to spread lies and hatred. It uses its world-wide network of the so called “diaspora” to gain influence over finance and politics. It orchestrates false flag operation and do whatever it takes to drag gullible people into supporting its self-serving agenda.

Compared to Israel, Iran seems like a bunch of boy scouts.

Don’t believe the “official” media, get the facts and think independently.

John Cox says:

This weeks test did not prove North Korea had “the bomb”. The test in 2006 proved it had the bomb. But none of this has any bearing on how advanced the Iranian programme is! Nothing at all. The Koreans have been working since the 1950’s on getting nuclear weapons, Iran only began in the 1990’s.

I hope that Iran does have a nuclear bomb, and that Israel knows it. That may discourage Israel from attacking the country. But if Israel does make the mistake of attacking Iran, I hope that the Iranians retaliate appropriately – with nuclear weapons if need be. It is time someone stood up to Israeli bullying.

andrew r says:

“Pakistan and Qaddafi’s Libya are open societies
in comparison to Iran and North Korea. The regimes in Pyongyang and
Tehran are highly ideological, where major policy decisions are made in a
tight circle around the man on top”

In comparison to the US where the electorate votes on going to war, drone attacks, targeted killings, military aid, and on and on and on…

disqus_pFomH2XM20 says:

The Iranian nuclear bomb is a red herring. Iran has already a nuclear option, it has a large number of short range missiles that can hit the oil installations in the Gulf. Iran basically has the rest of the World in a checkmate position. Iran cannot “wipe Israel off the map”, but it can wipe Saudi Aramco off the map.

Politbureau says:

Zionists should apologize to the U.S. for dragging it into a war about nothing in the Midde East fueled by hallucinations of weapons of mass destruction while North Korea was the member of the Axis of Evil actually going nuclear.

Obama is quite slow,Iranians are hypocrites and pretenders,they hate Isreal and freedom,Obama will be the biggest fool in history if he allows Iranians buy enough time to build their bomb-Iranians are savages,they need to be annihilated.

Lenny says:

Fantastic article!

If Iran or Korea has one, it seems here that they are possessing illegal thing ! But why ? Nukes are toys for US, Israel, India, Pakistan and what is the hell if Korea or Iran has such a toy?

Hoagy says:

This is the most ridiculous issue I’ve witnessed in my entire life. Please!! Let’s be generous and say that N. Korea has twenty boosted fission bombs, and same for Iran. 40 weapons, roughly 5 times larger than the nagasaki bomb. Big deal. Israel is reputed to have 200 nuclear weapons much more advanced than that. And just for fun let’s look at the US. The last START treaty restricted the US and Russia to about 2,200 weapons each on active status (ready to go at a moment’s notice). What it doesn’t mention is that the US has more than 8,000 weapons on inactive status per the START treaty. Inactive status means it would take at least 30 days to get them working again. The US now has most of it’s nuclear arsenal stored inside the best delivery system in history: 14 Ohio Class Trident submarines. Each sub carries 24 missiles packing up to 4 warheads per missile: 96 city busting hydrogen bombs, which can be altered before launch to basically perform as neutron bombs. You know that bomb? It goes off high above a city, with minimal damage and fallout; but within 24 hours every form of organic life within a three mile radius of ground zero is dead. And at any given moment, at least half the Trident submarine fleet is on deterrent patrol. I guarantee that Iran and N. Korea have one Trident submarine patrolling within attack range. The US has a simple, but horrific policy regarding use of nuclear weapons: they will not launch a preemptive strike. The enemy has to launch first. Telaviv gets hit, and the entire nation of Iran is evaporated in less than an hour. Fatboy in Korea gets his techs to jury rig a warhead on their new missile, and they wipe out Tacoma, Washingtion, or maybe even worse, they miss the US and put a big dent in Vancouver BC. Three hours later the population of N. Korea is measured in thousands rather than millions.

It’s the United States and Israel which are creating a mess for the rest of the world.
It’s Iran and North Korea DEMOCRATIC right and FREEDOM to work with each others.
Practice what you preach USA,

Do not believe 100% of what you hear and one half of what you see. You can apply this to North Korea, China, Pakistan, Egypt and O B A M A.

Iran already have the bomb, that is why its playing nice cupid now. Whatever north koreans achieved on their test and so is Iran.. If you are Iran, are you going to announce it to the whole world that you already have the bomb not unless you do not fear the endless cruise missile coming from US carriers and from Israeli airforce.. Of course you have to keep it a secret and play cuty cuty cupid and says we do not want to go nuclear anymore and cancel all those economic sanctions now.. A gambler wants his last card and will keep it for the last moment. How gullible Obama is and the western media. Or shall we say how smart is Obama for making america’s enemy stronger.

People! Stop and listen! Human civilization is quickly moving to the end! Global catastrophe should eliminate our society in a matter of few seconds! In about one year time from now the Earth should be totally destroyed. But we have the alternative to offer! Look here for your survival

    Dennis says:

    So do you recommend all of them to have a haircut like you so that we can fool the aliens?

Ronald Bushnell says:

Speaking hypothetically, as well as the devils advocate; being a supporter of the secular Israeli faction, one cannot help but wonder if we have already entered into MAD relative to Iran. If I were Putin, I would have quietly given Iran the means to defend against an Israeli raid, when Russia’s assets were threatened in Syria, thus drawing the line in the sand, where it would appear that this option would be a less existential threat than to give up more strategic positioning; and really, what could be done about it, attack Russia? Probably not. Is seems that it is time to stop viewing Iran as an entity that can be attacked with impunity, and our Israeli friends must begin to view the future as an integrated one. It would seem that at this time China, Russia, and Korea are really one entity that is fully committed to protecting Iran; where this unfortunately involves Iran having the capability to destroy Israel – the MAD balance that exists all over the world that we all live with. If I was an Israeli citizen, I would hasten to bring about equal rights for Palestinians in a greater Israel, as the best hope for a future peace.

To clarify, the opinion on Iran is not confined to or shared only by AIPAC or neoconservatives, but it is understood by all of the American people and the modern world that Iran is a safe haven for terrorists and extreme islamic fundamentalism that threatens Israel’s security and existence as well as US’s security and existence (with the two nations connected both economically and militarily) through the Iranian nuclear development program, and must be dealt with TOGETHER at all costs.  It is an unfortunate circumstance but Iran and other rogue nations like North Korea and elsewhere detest everything that Israel and the US stands for: freedom, democracy, technological progression and capitalism; thus, AIPAC advocates to members of Congress, the Senate and the executive branch of the US (through bipartisanship) that this threat should be dealt with accordingly.

One is entitled to his/her opinion, but I can sure you that AIPAC is stronger than ever, and will continue to grow as an inclusive organization in ensuring that both America and Israel are kept safe, secure, and strong, and most importantly, united for today and in the future.


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Why Iran Already Has the Bomb

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