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The Crime of Surviving

By arguing that Nazi and Soviet crimes are equal, Lithuania is airbrushing the Holocaust out of its history

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A nationalist rally in Vilnius, March 2009. (Ints Kalnins/Reuters)
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Rachel Margolis may be the most tragic Holocaust survivor on the planet.

She has stiff competition, to be sure, but Margolis’s recent experiences are almost too surreal and painful to be believed. After the war—during which her parents and brother were murdered—Margolis decided to rebuild her life in her native city of Vilna (now Vilnius), the capital of Lithuania. For more than 40 years, she taught biology at Vilnius University. After the Soviet Union collapsed and Lithuanian democracy permitted it, she helped found the city’s only Holocaust museum and became one of its stalwart presences, returning to Lithuania to lecture each summer even after relocating to Israel in the mid-1990s.

Now, at 88, Margolis is being defamed as a war criminal. Her crime? Surviving the Vilna ghetto to join the anti-Nazi resistance in the forests of Lithuania.

Margolis is one of a group of elderly survivors who have become pawns in a sinister game of Holocaust obfuscation by local authorities in the Baltic states—which, though they are among the smallest nations in Europe, had the highest rates of Holocaust genocide in Europe. A more complex phenomenon than Holocaust denial, obfuscation does not deny a single Jewish death at the hands of the Nazis. Instead, it uses as a starting point the idea that the Nazi genocide was not a unique event but rather a reaction to Soviet “genocide” (and antecedent to further Soviet genocide) in which the same elements of Lithuanian society that often sided with the Nazi invaders were persecuted and imprisoned by the Communist regime, whose officials included Jews.

The “double genocide” movement has gained the support of government and political parties in the Baltic states and Eastern Europe, which have invested substantial treasure to persuade the entire European Union to accept the equality of the Nazi Holocaust and Soviet crimes. Their biggest success has been the Prague Declaration, issued from a conference on “European Conscience and Communism” in June 2008, which demands that Europe “recognize Communism and Nazism as a common legacy”; that Communism be assessed “the same way Nazi crimes were assessed by the Nuremberg Tribunal”; that a single “day of remembrance of the victims of both Nazi and Communist totalitarian regimes” be declared, thus effectively eliminating Holocaust Remembrance Day; and that European history textbooks be “overhauled” so that “children could learn and be warned about Communism and its crimes in the same way as they have been taught to assess the Nazi crimes.”

Signs of the movement’s success are visible throughout Lithuania. The Museum of Genocide Victims on Vilnius’s central boulevard mentions the word Holocaust only sparingly and glosses over events at a place called Ponar in Yiddish (now known as Paneriai), where 100,000 unarmed civilians, some 70,000 of them Jews, were murdered, mostly by local Lithuanian militia. Instead, Lithuania’s Holocaust museum is devoted entirely to Soviet crimes. At a recent exhibition on the Ukrainian famine, a huge poster featured a woman telling visitors: “In Auschwitz we were given some spinach and a little bread. War is terrible, but famine is even worse.”

Two years ago, on Lithuania’s independence day, neo-Nazis marched down the capital’s central boulevard chanting “Juden raus,” or “Jews out,” and brandishing a specially modified Lithuanian swastika. (It has since become illegal in Lithuania to display Nazi or Soviet symbols.) Only after heavy pressure from local embassies—including those of the United States and other Western powers—did the country’s leaders condemn the march, a week after it occurred. This year, on March 11, “Juden raus” was replaced by the slogan “Lietuva Lietuviams,” or Lithuania for Lithuanians, and it is not a fringe movement. The permit for the march was issued to Kazimieras Uoka, a signatory on Lithuania’s March 11, 1990, declaration of independence and a member of parliament from the country’s ruling coalition, the right-wing Homeland Union Lithuanian Christian Democrat Political Group. Top officials said not a word until the Norwegian ambassador, Steinar Gil, protested on March 19, noting that 50 members of the country’s parliament had protested a gay-rights march but not one objected to the neo-Nazis. The country’s prime minister, Andrius Kubilius, replied on March 23, saying, “There are skinheads and neo-Nazis in every country, and they sometimes take a walk or chant something.”

Local authorities and government agencies have also instigated campaigns of slander and legal threats against elderly Jewish Holocaust survivors whose experiences fighting in the forests with Communist-backed partisans against the Nazis would appear to threaten the viability of the “double genocide” theory.

“The only good Jew for them,” said Berl Glazer, 85, believed to be the only elderly Orthodox Jew left in Lithuania, “is a dead Jew.”


It took Shmuel Shragge, an 84-year-old former truck driver, three sentences to sum up the perversion of history that it has taken me—a Brooklyn-born professor who settled in Lithuania to set up the Yiddish-studies program at Vilnius University—close to a decade to understand.

Shragge and his wife, Basye, 81, a retired medical doctor, are among the last of the prewar tribe of Litvaks, the Jews of Lithuania, whose seven centuries of history include some of the greatest achievements of European Jewish culture. On a recent visit to their modest, immaculate Soviet-era apartment in Kaunas, once known as Kovno and now Lithuania’s second-largest city, Shragge revealed what was for him one of the most horrific memories.

He stood up, walked across the room and picked off the top sheet of a stack of plain white paper. Before sitting back down, he abruptly tore the piece of paper in two and let the halves glide down to the floor. “That was one of the first atrocities I saw right at the beginning, before the Germans came, in the hours and days after war broke out here on June 22, 1941,” he said. I looked up at him, confused.

“The Soviet army was fleeing the German bombardment,” he explained. “But it would be some days before the Germans arrived. They took a young Jewish girl on the street and sawed her in half, like that piece of paper, and left the two halves to rot in the middle of the street, near the center of the city.”

Who was “they,” I asked? “They are the local Lithuanian ‘freedom fighters’ who were wearing the white arm bands of the Lithuanian Activist Front, who got the Holocaust going here by starting to murder Jewish civilians throughout the country before the Germans even arrived. Today they are honored as ‘heroes against the Soviets’ as if the Soviets were running from them.”

But maybe these first Holocaust murders were directed against Jews who had been sympathetic to, or collaborators with, the Soviet occupiers who had taken over Lithuania a year before? “Oh no, those guys ran away together with the Soviet army,” he answered. “The massacres of Jews started with old rabbis and young women as the main targets.”

Today, Shragge said, relations with his Lithuanian neighbors are excellent, though he added that there is a lot of anti-Semitism in the country. I asked him who the anti-Semites are. “The big shots,” he said. “The government, editors, professors, television people. Instead of wanting to understand what actually happened and to teach it truthfully to young people today, they are obsessed with mixing everything up and claiming that Nazism and Communism were equal. But you only have to scratch them to hear that all Jews were Communists and got what they deserved, and that Communism was the real genocide here.”

Since independence, the Lithuanian government has avoided returning prewar communal property, making it arguably the only country in the European Union to fail to enact restitution to the Jewish community. However, egged on by Emanuelis Zingeris, an ambitious Jewish member of parliament and a member of the dominant right-wing party, the state has also been toying with ideas to develop the Vilna ghetto as a Jewish-themed tourist park. Supporters of the project call it “Fragments.” Opponents, principally in the Jewish community, dub it the “Dead Jew Disneyland Park.” The state has also funded Jewish-themed statues, cultural events, and plaques designating historic buildings.

Lithuania’s contradictory “Jewish affairs policy”—which it shares with its Baltic neighbors, Latvia and Estonia, and with right-wing nationalist factions in Poland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary—originates in the desire to airbrush the Holocaust out of history. This wish is intimately intertwined with Eastern Europe’s special kind of anti-Semitism, which maintains a love for Israeli, American, and other Western Jews, as well as for the prewar Jewish heritage but loathes present-day Jewish communities. At the heart of that loathing is the sin of memory: Local Jews know that the few Jews who survived usually did so thanks to the Soviet Union, while local nationalists sided with Hitler and carried out much of the killing.

The presence of so few local Jews is, in part, what has made it so easy for the double genocide theory, and its corollary of Holocaust obfuscation, to take root. Ignored by both the Jewish and Western worlds—with the important exception of the Simon Wiesenthal Center—the double genocide movement has begun to spread to major international organizations. Last July, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe issued the Vilnius Declaration, which included a number of the most noxious elements from the Prague Declaration. The declaration takes the assumptions of the double genocide movement as a given by referring to “two major totalitarian regimes, Nazi and Stalinist, which brought about genocide.” Moreover, it calls explicitly for a combined “Europe-wide Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism,” which, observers point out, would inevitably replace Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Shamefully, the United States was among the nations that voted for ratification of this deliberate distortion of history, which is intended to whitewash the crimes of local right-wing elements in Eastern Europe during the Holocaust by eliminating the memory of the Holocaust itself. When I spoke to several visiting U.S. congressmen and senators during their visit to Vilnius for the conference, it was obvious that they did not have the vaguest idea about the implications of U.S. approval of the declaration. Among them were Senators George Voinovich and Benjamin Cardin, who had spoken out forcefully in support of the Jewish position on restitution of communal property and against anti-Semitism. But the bigger issue, the revision of European history to delete the Holocaust, went unnoticed.


Holocaust obfuscation is the perverted product of the attempt to encourage the states of the Baltics and Eastern Europe to confront the history of World War II—including local collaboration with the Nazis. In the late 1990s, as part of their European accession bids, Eastern European states found themselves pressured by NATO and the European Union to commemorate the Holocaust. In response, the three Baltic states each set up “red-brown commissions,” panels charged with studying both Soviet and Nazi crimes. The Lithuanian commission, with the Orwellian name the “International Commission for the Evaluation of the Crimes of the Nazi and Soviet Occupation Regimes in Lithuania,” has the most notorious history of all. Housed in the prime minister’s office, the commission succeeded in attracting Israeli Holocaust scholar Yitzhak Arad, who is the founding director of Yad Vashem, a Holocaust survivor, and a hero of the anti-Nazi partisan resistance.

In joining the group, Arad was given assurances of academic independence. But in April 2006, the Lithuanian daily Respublika called Arad a war criminal for having fought with the anti-Nazi Soviets. Within months, the state’s prosecutors began an investigation into Arad. After an international outcry, part of the investigation was dropped in the fall of 2008. Prosecutors issued a statement calling on “the public” to provide more evidence, citing an anonymous “expert historian” who attacked a book Arad had published in 1979. Observers were puzzled. Arad quit the commission and is now listed on its website as having his “membership suspended.” In protest against the entire enterprise, another member of the commission, British historian Martin Gilbert, resigned.

But this turmoil at the commission was only the beginning. On May 5, 2008, following demands made earlier that year in the daily Lietuvos Aidas, state prosecutors sent armed police to look for two Jewish female Holocaust survivors, both veterans of the anti-Nazi partisan resistance. One, 87-year-old Fania Yocheles Brantsovsky, is a librarian at the Vilnius Yiddish Institute.

The other was Rachel Margolis. As a researcher at the local Holocaust museum, Margolis had made a sensational rediscovery of the diary of a Christian Pole named Kazimierz Sakowicz, who witnessed thousands of murders at Ponar. Sakowicz reported that the volunteer killers were mostly locals. For this discovery and the subsequent publication of the diary in 1999 (Yale University Press brought out an English edition in 2005), Margolis had become a target of hatred for those who adhere to the ideology of a “double genocide.”

Both women had been incarcerated in the Vilna ghetto, and both lost their parents and siblings in the Holocaust. Both escaped the ghetto on different dates in September 1943, and both joined Soviet-sponsored anti-Nazi partisans in the forest. It was this last fact that enabled prosecutors to allege in “pre-trial investigations” that the two women should be considered war criminals for having fought with the Soviets.

Like Arad, Brantsovsky and Margolis were investigated for war crimes without any charges or specific allegations, just innuendo based on published Holocaust memoirs. “At least the anti-Semites finally began to read our memoirs,” Margolis told me.

The defamation campaign against Lithuanian Holocaust survivors reached a peak at the end of May 2008, when prosecutors told the media that the two women could not be located. This gave rise to Internet posts claiming “the Jews hide their own criminals.” But Fania Brantsovsky works at the Vilnius Yiddish Institute at Vilnius University, a minute’s walk from the presidential palace, and Rachel Margolis is easily reachable in Rechovot. Both were found in minutes during the course of reporting this piece.

When confronted, chief prosecutor Rimvydas Valentukevicius, from the Division of Special Investigations at the Prosecutor General’s Office of Lithuania, told Swedish journalist Arne Bengtsson: “We are investigating criminal activities, which could be crimes against humanity. The information has to be checked. It is a normal procedure. I see nothing political in that. Why is there so much interest in them? Is it only because they are Jewish?” In reply to this oft-repeated prosecutorial rejoinder to press inquiries, Shimon Alperovich, 81, chairman of the Jewish community of Lithuania, wrote in a widely circulated public letter: “The prosecutors in Lithuania do not cease to persecute anti-Nazi Jewish partisans. The Prosecution Service’s claims that ‘hundreds of witnesses are being questioned’ are belied by the fact that only Jewish names are ever heard in the media: Yitzhak Arad, Fania Brantsovsky, Rachel Margolis, and others.”

Thankfully, there has been one fortunate wrinkle to this story. For those who believe in double genocide, it is important to have a paper trail of investigations into “Soviet Jewish partisans” to “equal” investigations into Nazi war criminals—and, in Lithuania, this effort has recently gone spectacularly wrong. For the first time since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Western embassies in Eastern Europe began to honor persons hounded by state prosecutors. The Irish ambassador, Donal Denham, boldly hosted a reception at his residence within weeks of police questioning Brantsovsky. Then-U.S. Ambassador John Cloud issued Brantsovsky a certificate of honor. The British and Norwegian ambassadors recruited Brantsovsky to lead walks through the former Vilna ghetto for the Lithuanian capital’s diplomatic corps. The president of Germany awarded Brantsovsky the Federal Cross of Merit last October. Within minutes of the award’s presentation, Lithuania’s main Internet news portal published a vicious attack calling Brantsovsky a mass murderer.

The state’s prosecution service will neither charge nor clear Rachel Margolis for her “crime” of surviving the Vilna ghetto, putting her in a legal limbo, which in effect makes it impossible for her to visit the country where she was born and where her parents are buried. “Tell your readers,” she told me, “that the anti-Semites will never succeed to turn history upside down, because the free world knows the truth. They know who the Nazis were and they know who the victims were. It’s really very simple.” She adds one more thing, from her home in Israel: “Tell them that I want to return once more to see my hometown, Vilna.”

Dovid Katz is the research director of the Vilnius Yiddish Institute and a cofounder of the Litvak Studies Institute. He is the author of Lithuanian Jewish Culture and the website

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My parents and I were born in postwar Latvia, and we left for New York in 1992.

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, the West embraced the newborn free-market democracies of Eastern Europe, but failed to stop their glorification of Nazi collaborators. The Ustashe in Croatia, Stepan Bandera in Ukraine, and SS veterans in Latvia, are all given a hero’s welcome in their respective countries, for their struggles against communism.

In these nations, local Jews are frequently linked with communism, as if they alone were to blame for the 1940 annexation of the Baltic States by the USSR. As if there were no native Lithuanian or Latvian communists who participated in the deportations of their compatriots.

My family left Latvia, and we did not look back, but we will also Never Forget!

Sydney Lev says:

Good work done on this piece.

Soviet holocaust for Lithuanians was no better than Nazi holocaust for jews. Soviets killed or sent to prisons and concentration camps hundreds of thousands of Lithuanians. Mostly teachers, policemen, solders, lawyers, writers and other educated people. Many people left country because they knew that they’d be tortured by soviets. Lithuania lost more than 1/3 of population because of Soviet’s genocide.

I believe that Soviets are as bad Nazis. We do not deny holocaust. We agree that it’s a great tragedy for Jew. However, we have a great tragedy of our own as well.

That’s why we pay a lot of attention to Soviet’s crimes and try to get them recognised internationally.

We do not deny holocaust, we just say that there’re other tragedies as big as holocaust.

Also, “anti-nazi” resistance mentioned in the article were soviet guerilla fighters. After the war, they supported Soviet occupational government and participated in civil people deportation, torturing and killing.

By the way, Lithuanians escaped lots of Jews from Vilnius ghetto… Did Jews escaped any people from Soviet prisons?

michael s. says:

Nothing new here. The Lithuanians and Latvians were among the worst Jew-haters in history, and the wartime generation has taught its children and grandchildren to be good little anti-Semites. Some things never change.

michael s>>

Lithuania’s Grand Duchy was one of the few countries in medieval ages that granted Jews same rights as to other citizens…

And as I said before, Lithuanians helped lots of Jews to escape from Vilnius ghetto.

Could you back your word that Lithuanians are one of the worst Jew-haters in history? Just saying so doesn’t make an argument :)

John Power says:

No matter where you go in the world you claim you are hated. There MUST be a reason for this hate. I know this has gone on for hundreds of years in country’s with different traditions and religions. Yet it’s always the Jew who is persecuted, it does not make sence. Should you be looking at yourself. Can any of you please explain?

By the way I have nothing against Jews, Muslims or any other religion.

This story is a lot about Lithuania, less about Latvia and Estonia. If you want to write about Lithuania, that’s fine, but writing about Lithuania and then generalizing the situation to its neighbors on the basis of them being Baltic countries is rather misleading. For example, some historians argue that the kinds of ethnic tensions that existed in Lithuania in 1940 did not exist in Estonia, which was quite homogeneous (and pretty tolerant for the era). There is actually a book about the Holocaust in Estonia: “Murder Without Hatred” by Anton Weiss-wendt.

Mary G says:

While genocide against the Jews is very well known, genocide against the Lithuanians in unknown to most. Having said that, inhumanity is unjustified…regardless of the “reason”. Those who should understand that the best are those who are and who have been oppressed. Lithuanians have been known in the past for having treated Jews with equality and respect. Now that there are hardly any Jews in Lithuania, and most there today did not live side by side with them, it is interesting to see that the attitude has changed. How did that happen, and why?

My grandparents were Lithuanian immigrants. Although Catholic, my grandfather counted Yiddish as one of the five languages in which he was fluent. To be successful in business, one had to be multilingual. Coincidently, to be multilingual (or educated, or successful, or to have any attribute of an achiever) made you a target of the Russian, then later the Soviet, government. Those who didn’t leave Lithuania ended up being targeted for removal to Siberia, or death. Almost every family there was touched in some way by this tragedy. There was, and there should be empathy with the Jewish experience.

It ususally returns to the Christian idea of the Jew not conveting to christianity.
y.The Holocaust was to exterminate the Jewish people because from 2,000 years ago they didn’t accept Jesus as the Lord or God. It was just an excuse to be prejudiced aginst a group of people sanctioned in itsdirection by the predominantly Christian world.

In 1995, while touring with Traveling Jewish Theatre in Australia, I first discovered the “double genocide” phenomenon embeded within a raging literary scandal that had become national news. It was known as “the Demedenko Affair,” Helen Demidenko being the Ukrainian pseudonym taken by a young non-Ukrainian Australian author when she published “The Hand that Signed the Paper” which purported to be a novel based on her own family’s history. It told the story of an older Ukrainian uncle of the narrator’s who was being tried for crimes against humainity for his roles at Babi Yar and as a guard at Treblinka. The narrative, however, goes all-out to make the case that he was only acting to avenge the brutal, yes, genocidal, treatment he and his fellow Ukrainians had endured at the hands of “Jewish Bolsheviks.” It was not this spurious, anti-Semitic content, however, that caused the scandal. The book, a first novel, went on to win the Miles Franklin Award, (think National Book Award)and shortly after that, the truth that Helen’s real name was Darville, and that she was definitely not Ukranian was leaked to the press, thus giving the lie to any claims of inside knowledge. Immediately Australia’s literary, political, ethnic, and, of course, Jewish communities became vocally polarized. I was horrified by the book (I forced myself to read it). Its repetitive scenes of over-the-top violence (sans a shred of Tarantino-like irony) read most like pornography than any other form. I tried to interest Tikkun magazine in an essay I had written on the “scandal” and what seemed to be a somewhat new wrinkle on historical revisionism. But Tikkun felt it was of very limit interest. Unfortunately, 15 year later, it seems that’s no longer the case.

Gediminas says:

Lithuanians have to agree that some part of our society was involved in the Holocaust. However, all this pressure on Lithuania to say “Holocaust is much worse than soviet crimes” comes in handy for the official Russian propaganda, which claims that “there was no occupation in the Baltics”.
I remember when a bronze statue of a soviet soldier was removed in Talinn, the Simon Wiesenthal Center blamed estonians with being anti-semist. This shows clearly that some Jewish organisations clearly prefer confrontation rather than a dialogue on these painful issues.
Besides, Lithuanian government has announced a plan of paying compensations for the lost real estate in Vilnius ghetto and stopped some construction projects on the site of former Jewish cemetery (which was closed in the nineteenth century). On the contrary, during the soviet era some building were built in that area.
Considering the ultra-rightist movements in Lithuania, they are relatively small compared to some other countries and apart from their public appearances which cause a lot of frustration, they do not achieve anything else. And once again, they only help russian propaganda, which always show the Baltics as Fascist countries.
I believe the Jewish organisations should consider cutting of all the ties with anti-democratic forces from putinist Russia.

Chaim says:

Sorry, guys, don’t make a story out of the blues of inadequate person. The author sounds to be mentally challenged for the simple reason as the facts don’t match reality.

John says:

To all the morons that keep asking why is it only jews that are persecuted, read just a bit, just a bit of world history and present news. In many countries that have minorities the minorities are persecuted, especially if the minority has been successful. Look at armenians in turkey, or half of africa. Yet, still, the jewish question is unique compared to other minorities because jews were scattered and the problematic nature of defining a “jew” (religion or ethnicity).
It doesn’t change the fact that these people are used as scapegoats. It is only the jews they are going after. Only those that had no option other than to fight the nazis.
What really should be asked is just because one side loses a war does it’s people and their perceptions really change? The lithuanians are the same morons that can’t do anything right and blame everything on the jews. Why a jew would ever want to live there is beyond me. Half of their history is intertwined with jews who made huge contributions to lithuanian culture. Let them be by themselves. Let them bask in their self pity.

Yadin says:


92% of all of Lithuania’s jews were killed, find me another country with that rate of loss. It is impossible that it occurred without enthusiastic participation by the local citizens. Sorry to put it this way, but your countrymen and your ancestors were murderers.

I’m sorry that the soviet occupation was inconvenient for you. The Jewish survivors who were unlucky enough to end up in the USSR didn’t do any better. Stalin was also antisemitic and was edging towards mass deportation of the jews by the time of his death in 1953.

Martin says:

Comparing Soviet and Nazi crimes is nothing new, nor is placing the Holocaust in context of other genocides. Just read Daniel Goldhagen’s book “Worse Than War: Genocide, Eliminationism, and the Ongoing Assault on Humanity”. If Dovid Katz wants to point the finger at anyone for “diminishing” the Holocaust, he should point his finger at Goldhagen.

Tom says:

Christopher Browning’s “Ordinary Men” makes a telling contrast between the behavior of German police units (non SS/Gestapo) and their Baltic auxiliaries when faced with orders to execute Jewish villagers. The German commanders worried that their men wouldn’t be able to follow orders, told men that they would be excused if they were personally unwilling to commit mass murder, and offered other soldiers alcohol to help the process. Plenty of Germans availed themselves of spirits before committing their first killings.

This should be contrasted with the behavior of Baltic auxiliaries, who murdered with little restraint and much enthusiasm, doing work that inexperienced German units sometimes hesitated to do. The German police eventually got the hang of genocide, and for that they had their Baltic (and sometimes Ukrainian) units to show them the way.

Nina says:

I traveled to Vilnius with my father, z’l, fifteen years ago this coming June. On a main street in Vilnius, we saw posters displayed, one depicting Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin, the other Hitler. We asked a local woman what the posters said. They said that World War II was the fault of Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin. The steps leading up to a local park in the city were made from gravestones from a local Jewish cemetery. The only reason this came to light was NOT because any Lithuanians complained, but because a representative from Israel’s embassy did. Finally, on a trip to Ponar, where my grandmother, uncle, aunt and two- and four-year old cousins were shot and burned to death, there is NO mention on the signage that this was a place in which Jews were slaughtered. No mention of Jews. WE WERE THE TARGETS. WE WERE SLAUGHTERED THERE. Yet Lithuanians pretend it was a generic place. Oh, and the small museum on the grounds of Ponar had been repeatedly vandalized. So much for respecting the dead. And in my father’s hometown of Vidzy, across the border in Belarus, THE FIRST KILLINGS OF JEWS WERE DONE BY THE POLES, not by the Germans, who hadn’t arrived yet. 94 men and boys slaughtered. It took two weeks to bury them. The crying and wailing of the family members could be day and night. And it was their neighbors who did this. You can rewrite and “obfuscate” history all you want. It will NEVER TAKE THE STAIN OF BLOOD AND MURDER FROM YOUR HANDS AND FROM YOUR SOULS. That you will carry forever.

Bruce says:

Lithuanian volunteer units helped Nazis murder Jews and did so with a passionate hatred that dwarfed German attitudes towards Jews. The Baltic people were only too glad to join Nazis murdering Jews. The Schutzmannschaft were groups of Eastern Europeans who helped Nazis round up Jews and fight partisans. They included Estonians, Lithuanians, Latvians, Ukranians, and Byelorussians. A Lithuanian group led by Jonas Klimaitis of 600 laborers killed 3,800 Jews in Kaunas and 1,200 in other towns. The German Einsatzkommando noted that on September 19, 1941 nearly 47,000 people, mostly Jews, were shot to death with the help oh Lithuanian anti-Communist partisans. Lithuanian volunteers and police seized Jews and held them for the Nazis and helped murder them. Lithuanian volunteers didn’t restrict their atrocities to their home country. Lithuanian deserters from the Red Army joined Nazis by killing 500 Jews a day in the Vilnius region. The 11th Reserve Police Battalion, a Lithuanian group, killed thousands of Jews in Byelorussia. 83,000 Jews were killed in the Nazis’ 1942 “Operation Swamp Fever” in the marshland of the Ukraine in which two Lithuanian battalions took part. Other Lithuanian battalions were enthusiastic murderers in the Majdanek concentration camp. This information was taken from the book “Perpetrators, Victims, and Bystanders” by Raul Hilberg. Every incident is documented by reliable sources. The despicable denial and trivializing of the Holocaust is typical of those who want to bury the truth. The absurd vilification of these patriotic Jews who suffered and fought to save their country is further evidence that anti-Semitism is alive and flourishing in Eastern Europe. It’s simmering everywhere else, just waiting for a reason to explode again.

Peter Hillock says:

Interesting that in the entire article there is not a single description of a crime by the Soviet occupiers, and indeed there is not a single place where “killer” or “murder” is used to describe someone on Moscow’s side, whether a Chekist or a local collaborator. Reading the article, it appears the most repressive feature of Stalinization was persecuting and imprisoning Nazis. Nobody but a fool or a fascist denies the Holocaust, but implicitly denying the extent of Soviet mass murder is acceptable. Why?

Vincent says:

Nazism was the holocaust for the Jews, Stalinism was the holocaust for the Lithuanians. What is wrong with this statement? It all depends on which side you are on. To Lithuanians, the loss of a third of the country’s population to murder, prison or deportation to Siberian death camps is just as horrible. But as we all know, in any war, the looser is always the criminal, while the winner is always innocent. While both Stalin and Hitler started World War II, no one in the West (or in Israel for that matter) blames Stalin and the Soviets for any crimes against humanity, even though they murdered more people than the Nazis did. As one commentator wrote, hundreds of Lithuanians saved thousands of Jews from the Nazis (their names are inscribed in Israel), but how many Jews saved a single Lithuanian from the Soviets, particularly during the first occupation (1940-1941)?

Steve Caudill says:

Hitler was responsible for 6 million Jewish deaths and 5 million non-Jewish victims, such as Roma, Catholics, etc.

Stalin and his Jewish henchmen were responsible for possibly 40 million deaths.

So, Jews should not deny their own guilt in perpetrating mass killings of Christians while the Jews controlled the Cheka and NKVD.

Bruce says:

Jews controlled the Cheka and the NKVD like Jews control the American media and world banking today. It’s amazing that a group of people who constitute less than 1% of the world population have so much power. Haters see Jewish names in a list of Communists and assume that the Jews are the leaders of Bolshevism. Is it because of their great intellect or outstanding organizational skills? There is extensive proof that Jews were Communists. No one disputes that. However, Jews in Russia were treated as Jews were everywhere else. They were seen as Jews first and Communists second. Jews were always the “outsiders.” I guess the Jewish Communists forgave the Russians for segregating them in the Pale and for the massive pogroms when thousands of Jews were murdered. I’m sure Jews were involved in Communist aggression against Lithuania. I’d also like to see some evidence of how many Jews participated in those events as the gentlemen asked of Lithuanian involvement in the Holocaust. Unfortunately, the Germans were meticulous record keepers and proof of thousands of Lithuanians participation in murdering Jews is in documents captured by Allied troops. Also, I strongly believe that the individuals termed “Righteous Gentiles” who are enshrined in Israel are worthy of respect, but their efforts are massively outweighed by the hundreds of thousands of European collaborators, the millions of bystanders, and the tens of thousands of active participants in the Holocaust. Jews were murdered because of their inability to protect themselves. They were weak and unarmed. Asking them to save others is absurd. Another thing, why are Lithuanians persecuting Jews today? Is it their Communist association? Or is it because it’s easier to go after the outsiders again? I’d like to know if ethnic communists are being targeted also.

Peter Hillock says:

It’s well established that there were many Baltic collaborators in committing murders in the Holocaust, and in taking the German side in the war (two distinct issues). But if, as michael s. says, “the Lithuanians and Latvians were among the worst Jew-haters in history”, why did both nations get high marks internationally for their treatment of the Jewish population during independence? No pogroms, no shadowy disappearances, state support for Jewish schools, Zionist organizations allowed to function. If the entire national state apparatus was really in the hands of Jew-hating lunatics from 1919 to 1940, there should have been some violence. It was only after a year of Soviet terror and mass murder, with the educated and political classes decapitated and civil society wrecked, that Lithuanians and Latvians committed the atrocities of 1941– under Nazi conquest, not as independent countries. The more the year of Stalinization during the Molotov-Ribbentropp alliance is treated as normal and legitimate, the more it looks like a bad-faith depiction of Baltic history.

George Bonefeld says:

Pointing out the vicious crimes of the Stalinist Soviet Union in no way decreases the gravity of Nazi Germany’s evil. But Stalin did kill
more innocent people- estimates of 20 million Ukranian peasants deliberately starved to death as an instrument of stalinist policy alone- cannot be ignored. And the fact is that everyone knows of the extent of Nazi evil- but the academic/intellectual establishment in the West has essentially ignored the incredible extent of communist violence- perhaps because of their affinity for leftist politics?

gene luntz says:

Do you have any information on my father Dr Joseph Luntz or by mother Barbara Nurock Luntz, both from Shavel?

There is a little info on people from Shavel named Luntz and Nurock here:

eric Siverson says:

All of eastern europe has many nazi’s This maybe the consequences of hating communisim that ruled them so long . I actually believe there are more communists in the US and western europe than eastern europe .

eric Siverson says:

When one knows what has already happend in this world it is easy to see why Jews need a homeland , a country and a government that will always offer protection .

eric Siverson says:

This same conflict was involved in the dismemberment of Yugoslavia . Croatia and Bosnia ended up with former nazi presidents and the Serbs were blamed for all the murders . The only differance between the nazi attack and NATO’s attack against Yugoslavia was NATO had more fire power a much greater propaganda net work and are generally just a lot bigger liars .

virginia says:

One must be careful of those who claim to be Independents and therefore above the fray, but always come down on the same side. We certainly see this in American politics and in a world of semantic virtuosity.

Salana says:

Stalin has gotten a free ride for a long time. Lenin and Trotsky too. Even today. It might be hard for people in Eastern Europe to believe this but a lot of people in American government even today identify themselves as Trotskyites. And consider it a badge of honor to have had a Communist tradition in their households. Even if they are not especially Communist now.

It must have been very difficult for people in Germany and Eastern Europe between WW1 and WW2. Who saw the Soviet Union murder 20 million of their own people. And then get lauded by the American press. Who also saw “little Soviets” pop-up in their own countries to do to them what the Soviets did to theirs.

If the Soviets were so eager to murder their own then what could Europeans expect would happen to them once the Soviets invaded? Which they were planning to do of course. With or without Hitler. Why so much love for the Communists?

It is unreasonable for people nowdays to pooh-pooh European fears of getting murdered by the Communists. It is even worse for people nowdays to expect Europeans to have accepted their murder in good graces too. As part of a legitimate process. Or as one which had no particular hatred and vile generated against them. Ie. one that just could not be helped. “Sorry about that. Too bad for you.”

S. Mollick says:

My Jewish uncle, an engineer and an officer in the Soviet Navy, was murdered in Stalin’s gulag for the crimes of refusing to join the Communist Party and of attempting to correspond with his family members in the
U.S. Homicidal anti-Semitism thrived under Communism, too.

Joan says:

Is it possible that Jews were murdered because Lithuanians were raised to believe we had crucified Jesus? That even ‘nice’ Jews were destined to suffer? It was God’s will? Of course, that theory loses a bit of punch when you realize that hundreds, if not thousands, of Jews were crucified by the Romans. Jesus was just one of them. Maybe if the Lithuanians had realized that Jesus – the man they get down on their knees to worship – was a Jew, and the girl they sawed in half might just have been one of Jesus’ distant relatives – they might have acted differently. Or maybe the thought of stealing Jewish property was too much of a temptation. What happened was savage. Vilna is obviously no longer a shining, cultural beacon to the world. Let’s do what they want and leave it to rot.

gene luntz says:

My father Dr. Joseph Luntz and my mother Beba Nurock were both in Shavel ghetto during the war when my sister, Aviva, age 5, was taken by the Nazi’s during the kinderaction,

As my father was the ghetto Doctor I imagine many people knew my family. Can anyone shed any light on them for me?

Sherie says:

Why can’t there be separate Remembrance Days, one devoted to the Nazi Holocaust (during which 92@ of Lithuania’s Jews were killed), & a Remembrance Day for the Lithuanian victims of the Soviet atrocities?

To lump them together, & to diminish the Nazi Holocaust, is an insult to those who perished during it. We must learn from history–genocide in any form is wrong. And if a Lithuanian person’s ancestors was involved in the genocide of Jews, they must acknowledge it (at least to themselves), come to terms with it, & learn from it. Otherwise, we are doomed to repeat past injustices.

Likewise, for Lithuanian victims of Stalin, they should be remembered separately, & respectfully as well. They too were the victims of a madman.

Finally, to label elderly Jewish people as war criminals is simply outrageous. They did nothing but try to fight against the Nazis at a time when the Nazis were trying to destroy them. To me, that is self-defense. They were not guards at concentration camps, where systematic extermination of human beings was taking place.

Paul says:

Latvians are not the worst Jew haters in history, there was a relatively large Jewish population in Riga before WW2 before the nazi occupation. Jews lived in harmony with the local population. If you want to point the finger at countries look at Spain (Barcelona) for example or somewhere like that where whole jewish populations were wiped out long by the locals hundreds of years before the nazis came along. Learn some history before making comments like that.

The crime against the Jewish people was without question horrible, but the Jewish people need to ask themselves why did God allow this great evil to befall them. Moreover, the Jewish people and the state of Israel need to come to grips with the fact that other nations too suffered great evil and genocide, especially the Ukrainian people who were murdered in the millions by famine, exhile, forced hard labor for petty crimes and outright mass murder for merely loving their own language, history and culture. The Jews also need to come to grips with the fact that many ethnic Jews were in the Soviet Russian KGB and committted crimes against humanity in collusion with the Soviet Russian regime that they served willingly, not merely as prisoner of war or forced laborers as many East Europeans were forced to do in the German Nazi era. The Jewish people need to renounce the heinous crimes of those like the Soviet Jew Lazar Kaganovich as much as Europeans need to renounce the crimes of any of their fellow citizens that may have collaborated with the Nazis.

Wyman Brent says:

I am a Gentile from the USA with no Lithuanian background,and who is now living in Vilnius. I notice the comment by “Friend” which again raises the same canard which the Nazis used so effectively in Lithuania against the Jews during the war. During the brief period of Soviet occupation before the Nazis broke the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, the Jews were deported by the Soviets in numbers three times as much as those who were not Jewish. That is by percentage in that Jews were sent off at three times the rate of others who were Gentile. As for Lithuania joining the Soviet Union during that time, let me just explain something. During that crucial time, less than 5% of the Lithuanian Parliament were Jewish. Of the entire delegation which went to Moscow to formally ask for admission to the Soviet Union, not one member was Jewish. If “Friend” and others truly want to understand the Jewish role in the Soviet Union, then I suggest starting a study of how Stalin killed off Jews in such large numbers. Come here to Vilnius and see where the Great Synagogue stood. It was damaged by the Nazis but could have been saved. The Russians razed the building. Come see the remains of a formerly huge and very old Jewish cemetery. It was untouched by the Nazis during the war. It was the Soviets who took delight in destroying the cemetery. However, that alone did not satisfy them. They took the tomb stones and used them as construction material. So please learn history instead of just repeating the same lies which the Nazis created so long ago. A lie no matter how old is still a lie.

Wyman Brent says:

Let me clarify my comments above. Neither the political leadership of Lithuania whether at the national level or local level, nor to the best of my knowledge none of those in leadership positions in the military or police had any desire to join the Soviet Union. Lithuania was forced by the Russians into joining the Soviet Union. I thought that was common knowledge. However, it has been pointed out to me that some might think my previous statement indicates that somehow Lithuania wanted to be part of a repressive regime. Nothing could be more far from the truth. Lithuania simply wanted to retain the hard won independence it had gained during World War One. The Soviet takeover of Lithuania was never recognized by the United States. The reason is that what the Russians did to Lithuania was completely legal and without any justification whatsoever. Lithuania did nothing to provoke Russia into occupying its territory.

Wyman Brent says:

The reason is that what the Russians did to Lithuania was completely illegal and without any justification whatsoever. And that is my final comment. I hate typos.

Julius says:

This entire region, Baltic States and Poland, part of Bessarabia and some other territories, were divided between Soviets and Nazis. There was no force in the world that could change it, as it was decided by the big powers, who were too strong for anyone to oppose. So that, what regards occupation of Lithuania in 1940, it is only absurd and shows the lack of knowledge in history to throw accusations either onto Jews, or onto cooperating Lithuanians.

However, the fact of occupation was used to instigate anti-Semitic pogroms in Lithuania, and they broke out the moment the Soviets left. Jews were being murdered and mutilated everywhere, disregarding age or sex, or their merits for independence in 1918-1940. I talk here only about Lithuania, but it well applies to any other country in the region.

Certainly, Germans used this situation to their benefit. And who wouldn’t? Many Lithuanians took part in murdering and robbing of Jews for different reasons, one cannot measure the entire gamut of human psychology. When one is allowed to rob and kill, even if there never was a Christ and church teaching against the Jews, it would have happened. But in Catholic countries anti-Semitism was so and so amplified. A good example in this is war-time France: without ghettos they succeeded to transport most of the country’s Jews to the far killing places.

I don’t know what would happen with Lithuanian Jews, if Lithuanians wouldn’t give a hand. It is possible, that they would perish the same. The Hitler’s war against the USSR was much more ruthless than it was before then in the Europe, against the communists and Jews. That was his policy. So I also don’t believe the stories about “touchy Germans” who drank vodka to help them kill.

Julius says:

If Lithuanians wouldn’t give a helping hand there would be no confrontation between these nations today, and for Lithuanians there would be no need to exaggerate their history and/or diminish that of the others. The country that gained independence, certainly wants first of all to achieve prosperity and not play the role of eternal victim.

True that Lithuanian killing battalions were known throughout most of the Europe: those who survived the war, from all spectrum of countries, remembered the outstanding cruelty of Lithuanian and Ukrainian auxiliaries.

But that certainly doesn’t include all the people of Lithuania (or another country). During Nazi occupation one wasn’t given a choice. You either had to be with them, or become neutral, close your eyes and ears. All opposition was suppressed and cruelly punishable. It may be easy for those today who live in a peace and comfort to imagine oneself a hero. Everyday life is not heroic. Or, rather, it is, but big deeds simply don’t show. To save one person in those extremely ruthless times was thousand times more difficult than to murder thousands. It was not a matter of a day or two, it was a huge personal sacrifice.

I want a few words for those Lithuanians (and others) who like to brag about the Jewish saviors. Today it has become almost a fashion. You have no moral right to do so! Before you drag on behalf of someone else, first ask THEM if they would give their permission. These people did what they considered right, taking enormous daily, even hourly risks. It is difficult to imagine. No one has given right to use their righteousness in one’s advantage as an argument. Use instead your own.

Manny Vider says:

Lithuania and their extended complicity regarding the antisemitism, persecution, torture and deportations one could only wonder how citizens and neighbors could have aligned themselves with the murderous Nazi regime. To say that “Jews” were the only ones that suffered would be wrong, to include non-Jews such as the Lithuanians would be proper. If one Lithuania was murdered by the Nazi’s or at the hands of Lithuanian collaborators, that would have been one non-Jew too many. Consider however the tens of thousand of Jews that met their end at the hands of their neighbor’s and their fellow country men while they did the Nazi’s bidding in attempt to validate their loyalty to the Nazi’s and at the sametime benefiting financially by murder of their fellow countrymen the “dirty Jew”. Consider number Lithuanian Jews in comparison to the non-Jews of Lithuania that were murdered during this tragic period. The statistics that one should be concerned with when trying to compare the estimated loss of Jewish lives in Lithuania up until the end of World War II begins prior to the wars outbreak when and estimated 210,000 Jews lived in Lithuania at the wars end and estimated 196,000 Jews had been murdered. This genocide took place June through December of 1941. Sadly enough this Holocaust of itself resulted in the largest ever loss of life in so short a space of time in the History of Lithuania (source,Wikipedia) These murder’s, mainly of Jews began before the German’s marched into Lithuania at the outset of WWII. An important component to the Holocaust in Lithuania was that the occupying Nazi German administration fanned anti-Semitism by blaming the Soviet regime’s recent annexation of Lithuania, a year earlier, on the Jewish community. Another significant factor was the large extent to which the Nazis’ design drew upon the physical organization, preparation and execution of their orders by local Lithuanian auxiliaries of the Nazi occupation regime(source Wikipedia)

Why does the stock reply from Lithuanians regarding their savage acts
upon Jews from 70 years ago are always countered with their treatment from Russians? I despise this mentality,the same as the” following orders”bullshit from the nazi cowards.Lithuania’s post war record of
weeding out and eliminating these savages is pitiful and non-existent.
Never an answer is forthcoming…more or less that it was a long time ago and let’s forget it.It should be done the right way,all the cowards
in hiding who took such glee in murdering non combatants and never had
to answer for their crimes,should be dragged to the nearest tree,tortured and hung.If they are 90 years old,too bad,their families
should be made to watch.Too bad the Russians didn’t handle these scum
after the war.

IUJazzDad says:

plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. Merci à Dieu pour l’Israel.

I dont know why We people cant live with PEACE AND LOVE ..

“The Crime of Surviving” should be instead ‘The right of surviving”.

We need to change this people.. and do something about it..
We cant just live like that..
People justifying killing of Nazis, jews, muslims, hindu, or not cool..

This world needs peace. We need Peace. I am sick of everything bad going around the world.

Problems will never end, they’ll just get upgraded.

One more thing.. Prayers to Rachel Margolis..
I hope noone have to suffer like her.



Hi just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know a few of the images aren’t loading correctly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different internet browsers and both show the same results.

ronnie d says:

the jews in Lithuania turned their backs on the country that nurtured and protected them for centuries when they welcomed the soviet army to occupy Lithuania in 1940. Many jews collaborated with the soviets and assisted in the deportation of innocent Lithuanians to Siberia and afterwards the jews occupied their homes and businesses. The NKVD were of mostly jewish leaders. i.e. genrikh yagoda. I am in no way condoning the butchery of this time, but from speaking with many “old timer” Lithuanians who escaped the wrath of Stalin I believe that this is the reason of the extermination of so many jews in Lithuania so quickly. Keep in mind over 50 million people died beacause of ww2 and certainly not all of them were jewish.

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Jorein Versteege says:

Nazism and stalinism were both totalitarian that is true! The crimes of the GESTAPO and the NKVD are never to be forgotten. But that is not my criticism. I criticise the fact that the right-wing governments of Hungary, Lithuania and Latvia are saying that communism is to blame for the crimes of Stalin!

It would be like saying that American democracy is to blame for the slavery and the apartheid that ruled the USA. They blame the communist ideology for the crimes of the Stalinist USSR. That is a tactic used by all right-wing governments, to put the blame on Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin for the crimes of Joseph Stalin and his henchman.

There is another difference between nazism and stalinism. The nazi ideology is evil. The stalinist ideology not. The stalinists claim to be genuine communists, who care about the working class. In reality the stalinists are totalitarian, but not in their ideology. The communist ideology is not about a single party state or a mighty bureaucracy. Communism is about democratic rule and a class-less, state-less society.

Stalinists killed not only anticommunists, but many genuine communists. So stalinists only use communism as a propaganda tool. In the end, they will kill anybody that opposes their bureaucratic dictatorship. You see it in China were revolutionary socialists are jailed together with workers and trade unionists.

More Jewish BS , the holocaust was a fraud , plain and simple and the world is learning the truth . Remember , the truth always comes out and this will be no exception .


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The Crime of Surviving

By arguing that Nazi and Soviet crimes are equal, Lithuania is airbrushing the Holocaust out of its history

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