How Stuxnet Came To Be

Worm, tested on Israeli centrifuges, is responsible for Iranian havoc

A Hugely Successful Stint

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Meir Dagan, recently retired as chief of the Mossad, wanted to reestablish the agency as a powerful deterrent to Israel’s enemies. With a string of daring operations, he succeeded.

Confirmed: Stuxnet Targeted Iran

Computer virus was aimed at nuclear program

Al Qaeda’s Special Animus

Why Jews remain important players in a global struggle

Sundown: U.S. Ambassador Takes on Syria

Plus go hug an Armenian! and more

Today on Tablet

All about Stuxnet, and more

Iran: Stuxnet Isn’t Harming Nuclear Program

Plus how Stuxnet is harming Iran’s nuclear program

The Internet Had a Bris

‘Web Wars!’: an introduction

War Games

Would Israel launch a preemptive strike—despite U.S. opposition—to prevent an Iranian bomb? Despite its bluster, probably not.

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