Biographer Followed in Subject’s Footsteps

Hillel Halkin tells Liel Liebovitz of his ‘Halevian’ decision

Halevi Versus Maimonides

Two authors contrast the outlooks of their subjects

Ofra Does Her Laundry in My Tears

Your daily poetry fix

Why, My Darling, Have You Barred All News

Your daily poetry fix

Yehuda Halevi: The Poetry Contest

Find your inner 11th-century poet and win an iPad

Sundown: Elijah Takes the Form of Iraq Vet

Plus no aliyah for the iPad, name games, and more

Jerusalem Post Reviews ‘Yehuda Halevi’

“Hillel Halkin’s beautiful new biography of Halevi, the latest of the Nextbook Press Jewish Encounters series, will enchant and intrigue in equal measure.”

Hillel Halkin Speaking Dates

Hillel Halkin with Professor Moshe Halbertal (VIDEO)

Hillel Halkin with Rabbi Shlomo Riskin

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