Literary Festival Draws Crowds, Stirs Drama

This week’s International Writers Festival in Jerusalem

The Legacy of Mahmoud Darwish

Remembering the Palestinian poet on the five-year anniversary of his death

Sundown: Death Tolls Climbs in CT

Plus NSA declassifies Jonathan Pollard damage assessment

Beyond Amichai

No longer the province of an artistic elite, poetry in Israel today is being produced by hundreds of poets of all stripes

Heavy Lifting

In her third novel, Great House, Nicole Krauss tells interlocking stories united by a desk—and the weight of the 20th century

A Clockwork Doll

Dahlia Ravikovitch and the poetry of the plainspoken

Protest Poetry

A newly translated anthology expands our notion of Israeli dissent

Labor of Love

An editor looks back on 50 years at the helm of a leading Israeli literary magazine

The Book of Ruth

Rereading Yehuda Amichai through the lens of heartbreak

The Cranes Are Flying

Searching for birds in a changed Israel

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