Lawsuit Over Maurice Sendak’s Book Collection

Museum, executors battle over the late writer’s rare book collection

Strange Bedfellows

Talking about lizards at a writers’ conference in Bali

Yours, Insincerely

Autographing books at a festival is not as much fun as it used to be

Easy Call

A case for Walter Mosley’s inclusion in the American Jewish literary canon


Daniel Levin and Austin Ratner could have been professionals; instead they became novelists

Guilt By Association

A novelist reflects on what it means to be a Jewish writer

Smoke and Mirrors

A new novella showcases Amos Oz’s wizardry

The Village

A young German reinvents the Holocaust novel

What I Am Going to Write This Summer

Time has arrived to rock the world of fiction

A Door Opens

The author of Stern remembers his heady first days on the literary scene

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