Tablet Original Fiction: Sent on a gruesome errand, a young man comes undone

Stronger Than a Speeding Bullet

Comment of the week!

Which Book Can (Almost) Stop a Bullet?

Hint: HaShem may have something to do with it

Taking Aim

In his immensely ambitious debut novel, Adam Levin sets his sights on a new Goliath: the American Jewish canon

Today on Tablet

Cohen and Shteyngart team up to drink, and more

End of the World

Novelists Gary Shteyngart and Joshua Cohen discuss their dark visions of the future

And Thanks For All The Fish

Tomorrow’s Vox Tablet today

A Very Jewish Bloomsday

Everything you need to know for today

An Unaffiliate Stands Before the Law

Blogging Joshua Cohen’s ‘Witz’

A Head Trip to the Lower East Side

Blogging Joshua Cohen’s ‘Witz’

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