Sarah Silverman’s Better Half

The comedian’s sister’s protest of gender inequality at the Western Wall makes a case for holiness, not against

Million Dollar Checks Found at the Kotel

The track record for Western Wall checks is not so good

Daybreak: Rabbi of the Western Wall Responds

Plus Macedonia holds its first-ever Limmud conference

Sundown: Calls for Western Wall Prayer Change

Stories from beyond the northeast

A Shema Flash Mob

In the wake of Anat Hoffman’s arrest, a global response

Sundown: Israeli Security Cabinet Meets on Iran

Plus the Democratic platform: no word on Jerusalem

Jews, Abortion, and Wichita’s Wailing Wall

A Jewish-themed anti-abortion monument grows in Kansas

Daybreak: Brotherhood Candidate Looks Strong

Plus troubling find at Iranian facility, and more in the news

Feels Like Something’s Missing

Photo of the Day

Pay to Pray

From chanting at the Western Wall to saying Kaddish, several organizations offer to pray on your behalf, for a fee they claim to donate to charity. Is a farmed-out prayer as effective as a personal one?

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