Finding History—and Myself—in Vilnius

The grandchild of Lithuanian Jews hidden during the Holocaust goes back

Where Did Yiddish Come From?

An explosive debate erupts from footnotes suggesting that Ashkenazi Jews are Europeans

Lithuanian Jews to Get Reparations

Reigniting criticism of the country’s equation of the Holocaust and Soviet occupation

A New Interactive Map of the Vilna Ghetto Asks: What Good Is History if It Isn’t Told?

The reVILNA digital mapping project seeks to restore the lives that were lived before they became anonymous victims

Lithuanian Holocaust Memorial Vandalized

Why this corner of the Shoah is often overlooked

Write About Your (East-European) Roots

And win a trip to Vilnius

Conference Call

The Lithuanian sponsors of a Holocaust education program have a dark history of their own

Holey Mission

An American Jew brings bagels back to Vilnius

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