Maickel Melamed Completes Boston Marathon

Born with a form of muscular dystrophy, the 39-year-old Venezuelan Jew finishes his 5th marathon

His Mom Ran Hadassah. His Brother Made ‘Glee.’ Now Evan Falchuk Is Going Into Politics.

The 44-year-old healthcare entrepreneur wants to be Massachusetts’s next governor and maybe start a third-party revolution

Daybreak: Egyptian Jewish Community Leader Dies

Plus Venezuelan elections and an Albany update

Daybreak: Israel Stays Mum on Chávez

Plus the latest development in the Prisoner X saga

Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez Dies at 58

The controversial leader had a terrible record with the Jews

Daybreak: Syria, Iran Threaten Retaliation

Plus the United Nations report calls on end to all settlements

Venezuela To Sit in Judgment of Israel?

Israel restores ties with UN Human Rights Council

Operation Pillar of Defense Brings Out the Crazy

Jewish communities across the globe see protests, vitriolic chants

Venezuela and Its Fleeing Jewish Population

What elections mean for the remnants of the Jewish community

Sowing Hatred in Venezuela

A prominent challenger to President Hugo Chávez isn’t Jewish, but his roots are. That’s enough for the regime.

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