Syrian Rebel Group Detains U.N. Peacekeepers

Trouble in the Golan

Sundown: Suspect in Hit-and-Run Arrested

Plus Syrian rebels capture UN peacemakers in the Golan Heights

Israeli Madonna Charms the United Nations

Rita performs in Hebrew, English, and Persian

Daybreak: Iran Denies Role in Burgas Bombing

Plus Syrian Druze are joining the opposition

Forgetting About the Two-State Solution

An argument about delegitimization and peace

Daybreak: Syria, Iran Threaten Retaliation

Plus the United Nations report calls on end to all settlements

Daybreak: Israel Strikes Syria/Lebanon Border?

Plus John Kerry confirmed as secretary of state

Venezuela To Sit in Judgment of Israel?

Israel restores ties with UN Human Rights Council

Egypt Says Israel Stole Sand

The country wants a reasonable $500 billion for Israel’s years in Sinai

Daybreak: Hamas Aims at West Bank Takeover?

Plus UN envoy meets with Assad

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