Kagan Hearings Kick Off

Decline and fall of the WASP

Daybreak: Sanctions Bill Passed

Plus the all-religions yeshiva, and more in the news

Elena Kagan’s Jewish Jokes

We know she has some; tell us what they are!

Kagan Had Synagogue’s First Bat Mitzvah

High Court nominee was at modern Orthodox shul

Controversial Cross Stolen

ADL opposes cross, but opposes theft, too

Kagan’s Jewish Quotient

The nomination as ethnic moment

Daybreak: Obama Picks Kagan

Plus habemus proximity talks! and more in the news

Sundown: High Court May Get Its Third Jew

Plus cartoon Jesus, Gen-Stewart, and more

Court’s Cross Decision Draws Criticism

Liberals, ADL concerned about symbol on public land

Daybreak: Envoy Withheld Amid Crisis

Plus a flashpoint J’lem shul, the right hits Obama, and more in the news

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