Daybreak: Le BHL

Plus Bibi warns he won’t negotiate with Hamas, and more

Daybreak: Ross Says Iran Attack Not Needed

Plus more things Ron Paul signed his name to, and more in the news

Will Turkey Broker Palestinian Reconciliation?

Why Ankara might be the next stop for Abbas and Meshal

Daybreak: Republicans Take Their Shots

Plus Egypt’s military reasserts itself, and more in the news

Thanksgiving Without the Turkey

The bird is kosher, unless you’re in one family

Daybreak: Erdogan Demands Assad Ouster

Plus new Iran sanctions, the king of Jordan’s trip, and more in the news

Family Feast

Turkey anchors all Thanksgivings, but families flavor the meal with preparation and sides—like my mother’s marshmallow-topped sweet-potato tsimmes

Assad Apologists vs. The Truth

A discredited regime still afloat

Energy and Climate Reshape Israel’s ’Hood

And the Dead Sea experiences shrinkage

Sundown: Dems Question Turkey Alliance

Plus what’s next after UNESCO, Gilad Shalit tsk-tsked, and more

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