Nate Silver Wins Today’s Election

How the statistician has permanently changed the polling game

Atonement in Lower Manhattan

An incredible Occupy Wall Street Kol Nidrei draws hundreds

Sundown: Israel’s Birthday

Plus, the second annual flotilla, Shas says don’t smoke, and more

Peretz Agonistes

The ‘TNR’ editor heads for the Holy Land

The Other Jerusalem

Today on Tablet

Leaky Weeks

Joseph, the hero of this week’s parasha, could teach Wikileaks’ Julian Assange a thing or two about personal responsibility

Today on Tablet

God’s favorites, and more

Most Favored Nations

For Jews and for Americans, what does it mean to be a chosen people?

Today in Tablet

Choosing chosenness, gaming Israel, and more

Harvard Cancels Peretz Speech

‘TNR’ editor under fire for remarks about Muslims

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