Jews and Pot

Hell, we discovered the thing

Consolation Prize

Reviewers of David Grossman’s To the End of the Land have confused the author’s grief with his artistry—and have misread the book

Howard Jacobson Pulls Off Booker Upset

Novelist defeats favorites McCarthy, Carey

The Tailor David Grossman

Israeli novelist accepts his lot

Publish or Perish

Jews have always had a special connection to magazines, and it’s Jews—like Sidney Harman, new owner of Newsweek—who will reinvent them

Isaiah’s Inception

A haftorah of dreams and delusions

Dance Fever

How a vintage Israeli pop song became an international summer camp sensation

Sundown: Turkey Threatens Full Break

Plus PR amateur hour, and more

Being Andrew Breitbart

Conservative impresario prepares a Mideast site

All The Jewish Young Literary Men (and Women)

Who will make The New Yorker’s under-40 cut?

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