Howard Jacobson Pulls Off Booker Upset

Novelist defeats favorites McCarthy, Carey

The Tailor David Grossman

Israeli novelist accepts his lot

Publish or Perish

Jews have always had a special connection to magazines, and it’s Jews—like Sidney Harman, new owner of Newsweek—who will reinvent them

Isaiah’s Inception

A haftorah of dreams and delusions

Dance Fever

How a vintage Israeli pop song became an international summer camp sensation

Sundown: Turkey Threatens Full Break

Plus PR amateur hour, and more

Being Andrew Breitbart

Conservative impresario prepares a Mideast site

All The Jewish Young Literary Men (and Women)

Who will make The New Yorker’s under-40 cut?

Assad Speaks

On the Golan, Hamas, and—yes—J Street

Evangelical Intellectuals: Heirs to the Jews?

Malcolm Gladwell, panelists discuss their former faiths

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