The Kosher Ibex

The Platonic ideal of a ‘New York Times’ article

Excuses, Excuses

I turned in my book’s manuscript almost a month ago, but my editor doesn’t seem to have read it yet. It makes a writer wonder what he’s doing instead.

Leaky Weeks

Joseph, the hero of this week’s parasha, could teach Wikileaks’ Julian Assange a thing or two about personal responsibility

All The News That’s Fit To Print After the Fact

The ‘Times’ literally catches up with Howard Jacobson

The Jewish Media

If everyone else were like Tablet Magazine

First Blood

Was Meir Kahane’s murder al-Qaida’s earliest attack on U.S. soil?

Another Israeli Land Dispute

How to write a Mideast trend piece

A Settled Schtick

How to write a Yiddish trend piece

Short and Sweet

A new book defends the height-challenged and teaches kids about the misuse of science

Wiki Bleak

A haftorah of reporting and responsibilities

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