The ‘Forward’ Debuts Yiddish Cooking Show

Ess gezunterhait!

‘Forward': Jewish Charities Keep Glass Ceiling Intact

Few women in top posts, significant pay gaps

Religion Can Be Spiritual, Says ‘Forward’ Columnist

But it’s still pretty lame

The Other Singer Finds Love on Facebook

I.J. joins I.B. with his own Facebook ‘Appreciation Society’

‘Forward’ Spikes Israelis-as-Chimps Cartoon

Gawker runs it, instead

Obama To Honor Harvey Milk

Famed gay activist was also a Jew

The Denial Twist

Bradley R. Smith and Mark Weber are at the center of the U.S. Holocaust-revisionism movement. Now they’re feuding with each other. The first of four parts in a Tablet investigative series.

Philanthropy CEOs Keep Pay

While economy tanks and staffers get laid off

The Half-Life

How do the products of an interfaith marriage choose their identities?

Staged Rebellion

Yiddish playwright Jacob Gordin inspired fury and adulation

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