Daybreak: New Iran Plan in the Works

Plus a contemporary cause on ancient walls, and more in the news

Sundown: Embassy Attacker Neutralized

Plus mass nudity at the Dead Sea, and more

Sundown: Fayyad’s Failures

Plus mathematician rejects prize money, and more

Sundown: High Court May Get Its Third Jew

Plus cartoon Jesus, Gen-Stewart, and more

Rep. Weiner Agrees: Sen. Lieberman Is ‘A Dick’

N.Y. congressman gives Jon Stewart ‘naches’

Sundown: U.S. Jews Uneasy With Israel

Plus J.D.’s Jewishness Unease, blustery Dubai, and more

Stewart Mocks Hamas TV

Points to shoddy animation (and horrifying anti-Semitism)

Sundown: From Stewart to Leibowitz?

Plus, Weiner’s Muslim fiancée

Jon Stewart Is a Prophet

Suggests interviewer, despite comic’s demurral

A Few of Our Favorite Things

2008, not quite in review

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