Israelis Think U.S. Spies on Them; Egypt’s Jon Stewart Off the Air

Plus Claire Danes and Dustin Hoffman talk Homeland, and more in the news

Israeli Tennis Team Gets Fined for Yom Kippur

13,000 reasons why it doesn’t feel like 2013 yet

Is Rafael Nadal Jewish?

Bear with us a minute

Sundown: Iran Sending Troops to Syria?

Plus how to survive a bar fight using Krav Maga

Sundown: Construction in Hebron

Plus, Obama and the Jews, Obama and a Jew named Kinky, and more

Fish Goes Down, Yet Continues His Rise

Jewish player remains top American

Pe’er Back in Dubai For Tennis Tourney

No puns intended

The Longest Match

No, 11-hour tennis contest’s Isner is not Jewish

Sundown: New Report Slams Iran

Plus Senator Zuckerman, a very funny Tweet, and more

Israeli Loves Nadal, Kisses Him

PDA at U.S. open

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