Maintaining a Family Fiction About My Uncle—and His Partner of 33 Years

Last week’s Supreme Court decision on gay marriage came too late for Uncle Bill, who had to keep his relationship a secret

Jewish Groups Respond Voting Rights Act Decision

The chorus seems discontented

Why Today is Different From All Other Days

The Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act

What The Gene Patent Ruling Means for Jews

Supreme Court decision will make BRCA mutation testing more accessible

Edith Windsor Speaks

A wide-ranging interview with the crusader to end DOMA

Daybreak: Will Justices Act on DOMA?

Plus disputed texts in Russia to be moved into a Jewish museum

Gay Marriage’s Legal Crusader

This week, Roberta Kaplan will try to get the Supreme Court to overturn DOMA—ratifying her marriage, too

Let My Justices Go!

The Supreme Court will hear some big cases during Passover

Robert Bork (1927-2012)

Among many things, Bork was an unsuccessful Supreme Court nominee

Elena Kagan Likes to Hunt

The Supreme Court Justice shoots to kill

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