They Can Make It Anywhere

The New York Giants are world champions

Sundown: Roseanne for President

Plus high-tech Tel Aviv, Iranian threats, and more

Go, Pats

We make our Super Bowl pick


On the eve of yet another Super Bowl without his beloved New York Jets, a lifetime fan sees echoes of Judaism in his tortuous loyalty

Matzah Ball, Super Bowl, What’s the Difference?

Friendly bet hints at the Big Game’s Jewish undertones

Green Bay Wins the Super Bowl

And Ed Sabol gets into the Hall of Fame

Sundown: The Week That Nothing Happened

Plus a few minor things that happened, and more

So, Packers or Steelers?

The case for both sides

Wiesenthal Center Out-of-Bounds on Snyder

Lodges ludicrous charge over apt image of NFL owner

Leave Me Alone!

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