How To Celebrate ‘Star Wars’ Day in a Jewish Way

Musical team Strouse and Adams wrote songs for a ‘Star Wars’ musical that never happened. It doesn’t sound pretty.

Jedi Is 7th Most Popular English Religion

Jew or Jew not. There is no try.

‘Tzelem Elohim’ on Tatooine

Comment of the Week

Sundown: Iran Is Getting Hungry

Plus the greatest referee of all time, and more

Greedo Is a Rodef

Comment of the Week


The newest George Lucas production, Red Tails, forces a Star Wars nerd to come to terms with a troubling philosophy

Sundown: Gingrich Expounds on the Palestinians

Plus Christie is the top bridesmaid, 100 Jewish films visually, and more

Can They?

An Israeli strike against the Iranian nuclear program would be tougher today than a few years ago, but it would still be likely to succeed

Sundown: God Is a Two-Stater

Plus an evening with Salinger, and more

High Anxiety

Faced with a story I wanted to start but felt certain I couldn’t, I turned to the literary gods. Now Harold Bloom owes me $213.27.

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