Today on Tablet

A movie about a movie about the Jews, engaging engagement, and more

On My Own

Traveling the world as an unaccompanied but observant Muslim young woman

Daybreak: Iran-Ready Drones Debut

Plus Palestinian statehood en español et français, and more in the news

Yehuda Halevi Rocks the Charts

New biography’s subject turns up in NYC play

Today on Tablet

The Iranian AIPAC, a cool new museum show, and more

The Torah in the Altarpiece

A new exhibition explores the overlapping worlds of Christian and Jewish art in medieval Spain

‘The Struggle of the World’

A Spanish leftist speaks out for Israel—and she’s not even Jewish

Life of a Poet

Yehuda Halevi’s 12th-century Hebrew poems still speak to biographer Hillel Halkin

Sundown: How Do You Say ‘Palestinian State’ in Spanish?

Plus Brooklyn and Justice Department menorahs, and more

Oldest Spanish Torah Scroll Sold

At Sotheby’s for about $400,000

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