New South Park Game Lets You Play the Jew

Which is awesome

Sundown: Sequester Deal Looks Unlikely

Plus President Obama may nix Israel trip if no new coalition forms

Bigger, Longer, Bakshi

How the godfather of X-rated animation—subject of recent screenings—paved the way for South Park

A Pretext to Murder in Libya

Don’t blame a YouTube movie for ‘inciting’ the mob that killed the U.S. ambassador. Blame the killers.

Scientology Is Not a Religion

Germany treats L. Ron Hubbard’s movement as a cult and a threat to democracy. The U.S. should follow its example.

Sundown: Lieberman Condemns Recent Violence

Plus the Dersh calls for a settlement freeze, and more

Sundown: U.S. Tsk-Tsks East J’lem Building

A Children’s Treasury of Mocking Mel Gibson

Like a roast, except not good-natured

Sex, Jews, and South Park

An educational retreat may raise more questions than it answers

Guilt by Association

Why is Steve Daitch’s music embarrassing to enjoy?

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