Today on Tablet

The ‘unofficial ambassador,’ Auslander’s voices, and more

Today on Tablet

An oxymoronic liberal Zionism, dogs!, and more

All The Jewish Young Literary Men (and Women)

Who will make The New Yorker’s under-40 cut?

Today on Tablet

Lights, camera, funding, and more

Party Tonight for the Next (or Last?) Great Jewish Novel

By Tablet columnist Joshua Cohen

Today on Tablet

Spy games, evading the next Holocaust, and more

Today on Tablet

Ecumenical political philosophy, ecumenical Zionism, and more

Observing the Sabbath

How nine fiction writers handled the theme of the seventh day

Today on Tablet

Music that tastes like chicken, Pesach on the beach, and more


Eavesdropping on a book-club meeting and lamenting the unloved life of a writer

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