Two Nights, Three Seders

Restaurants getting into the holiday spirit


Specialty cocktails inspired by the Seder plate offer the flavors of Passover with a twist

Crossing Over

Journalists Steve and Cokie Roberts, a non-observing Jew and a Catholic, have hosted Passover Seders together for four decades. They share the rituals from their interfaith observance in a new haggadah.

An Original Haggadah

Your Vox Tablet preview

Kids These Days

After a seder circus, wondering if too much emphasis on children is ruining ritual

Today on Tablet

Breaking Passover in style, the ‘linkage’ problem, and more

It Oughta Be Kosher!

This Passover, help yourself to some cookie dough

A Different Night

A Washington journalist discusses some of the Christian seders he has thrown

Daybreak: China Hops Onboard

Violence in Gaza and Berlin, and more in the news

Early Sundown: Freeze This!

Plus Jesus and ‘The Simpsons,’ and more

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