Is Zionism Racism?

Israel is not a normal state. Here’s why.

Passover at the White House

Seventh annual seder featured matzo-ball soup, Sephardic charoset balls

Our Seder for Jorge

A Catholic women hosts Passover for a Jewish exchange student from Brazil

A Final Passover With My Mother

After years of forgoing the ritual, she insisted on one last seder

Why I Published My Own Passover Haggadah

The seder marks a global Jewish event—I wanted a book that felt as diverse

This Year, Orange Seeds on the Seder Plate

For inclusive storytelling, the audience is as important as the story

For Passover, a Manischewitz Wine Cheese Ball

A dish to make this seder different from all other seders

16 Simple Ways to Jazz Up Your Passover Seder

Because why should liberation be boring?

Reinventing the Passover Seder

Seder2015 is updating an ancient tradition for the digital generation

Second Seder

A poem by Andrea Cohen for Passover and National Poetry Month

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