Daybreak: Iran-Ready Drones Debut

Plus Palestinian statehood en español et français, and more in the news

Bike Battle Takes a Turn for the Civil

Brooklyn Hasids, cyclists debate controversial lane

Hipsters Take Bike Lane Battle to the Street (Literally)

Activists caught repainting Brooklyn’s Bedford Avenue

Sundown: Explaining Hitler’s Hatred

Plus is the construction freeze bad for the environment?

Did NYC’s Transit Dept Strike a Backroom Deal with Satmars?

Bike lane disappears in Brooklyn after months of Hasidic complaints

God and Uman

Joining the Breslovers—and my cousin—for Rosh Hashanah in Ukraine

Daybreak: Talking About Talking

A Saudi nuclear plant, a Satmar rivalry

Satmar Mayor Praises Obama on Israel

Supports divinely mandated peace plan

Those Exotic Hasidim

NYT goes to Williamsburg, discovers ye olde pricey wine

Falling Out

What happens when Hasidim stray outside the fold

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