Why Today is Different From All Other Days

The Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act

Same-Sex Marriage and Capital Punishment

Two items making the news today

The New ‘Morethodox’ Rabbi

Asher Lopatin succeeds Avi Weiss at an influential seminary, offering a pluralistic version of Orthodoxy

A Chained Man

Thanks to the patchwork of laws about same-sex marriage, I got trapped in legal limbo when I wanted a divorce

Let My Justices Go!

The Supreme Court will hear some big cases during Passover

Jewish Groups File Briefs Favoring Gay Marriage

The same-sex marriage cases will be heard at the end of next month

Jew vs. Jew: Wedding Cake Edition

A battle over marriage equality spills over into the icing

Daybreak: Iran’s Annual Inflation Soars

Plus with Syrian conflict in mind, Israel plans a fence in the Golan Heights

Same-Sex Marriage and the Republican Party

A surprising call for conservatives to stop running against it

Religion and Identity in the 2012 Elections

A new American  portrait emerges

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