Adina Hoffman Wins Windham Campbell Award

Nextbook author scores $150K from Yale

Obama’s Hours

Comment of the Week

Sacred Trash Author Releases New Book

“The Poetry of Kabbalah” drops today!

And the Award Goes To …

‘Sacred Trash’ takes one prize, and Sami Rohr finalists announced

Nextbook Press Titles Honored

2011 National Jewish Book Awards announced


The one custom for celebrating Shavuot is to stay up all night and study Jewish texts. But will we continue celebrating the printed word as more and more of what we read is electronic?

Pieced Together

The Cairo Geniza did more than cast light on Judaism’s literary heritage; it helped us recognize that history’s raw materials can be anything from illuminated manuscripts to bits of junk

Up in the Attic

Sacred Trash, new from Nextbook Press, tells the remarkable story of the Cairo Geniza, a trove of Jewish documents from the Middle Ages discovered again in the late 1800s

Trash Talk

Comment of the week

Introducing ‘Sacred Trash’

Nextbook Press’s latest drops today

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