Jodi Picoult’s Holocaust Vampires

Some historians see the best-selling writer’s new novel The Storyteller as trash. Here’s why they are wrong.

And the Award Goes To …

‘Sacred Trash’ takes one prize, and Sami Rohr finalists announced

Oz on Oz

Israel’s wizard of fiction at 92Y

See How It Runs

‘Maus,’ at 25, Goes ‘Meta’

Sundown: Syrian Stonewalling Called Out

Plus whom Anne Frank belongs to, and more

Event: Anne Frank’s 21st Century Friends

Upcoming author panel to be moderated by The Scroll!

Peretz Agonistes

The ‘TNR’ editor heads for the Holy Land

Higher Truth

In her new book, critic Ruth Franklin argues for why the Holocaust is best understood through fiction

On the Bookshelf

Horror’s afterlife: new writing about the Holocaust

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