Today on Tablet

Auslander has a visitor, and more

Daybreak: Europe Moves Against Iran

Plus Yoffie speaks out, and more in the news

My Hagee Problem—And Ours

Why the enemy of our enemy isn’t always our friend

Have We Overreacted?

Rotem bill, currently frozen, provoked strong opposition stateside

Sundown: PLO Diplomats Promoted

Plus Obama’s newly strong support for Israel, and more

Daybreak: Rotem Bill Delayed, Not Defeated

Plus Kagan passes, Shylock schemes, and more in the news

The Too Jewish Jewish State

Avishai aims at Newhouse, misses

Daybreak: Main al-Qaida Man Slams Leaders

Plus Iron Dome is fully forged, and more in the news

Bibi v. Rotem

Opposing bill, PM challenges coalition partners

Daybreak: Bibi Opposes Conversion Bill

Plus Mubarak backs direct talks, and more in the news

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