Religious Revolution in Israel

Can an unlikely alliance of renegade rabbis and right-wing politicians strip the ultra-Orthodox of their power?

Bibi the Traitor

In which the PM is an innocent bystander to the criminalization of dissent

Honest Abe

ADL head menschily criticizes Knesset’s J Street hearings

Lieberman May Leave if Rotem Bill Isn’t Passed

We wouldn’t want that

Sundown: Do You Make More Than Bibi?

Plus the conversion bill stays in the drawer, and more

Where Have All The Secular Israelis Gone?

The other demographic crisis

You Better Recognize the Jewish State

But who is a Jew? A morning with Danny Ayalon

Today on Tablet

Israel divided unites America, and more

United State

A recent contretemps in Israel served to underscore the surprising and recent cohesion among the branches of U.S. Judaism

Top Sephardic Rabbi Slams Reform Jews

Israeli Amar says ‘liberals’ ‘terrorize’ true Jews

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