How Not To Talk About Rand Paul and the Jews

Manufacturing controversies distracts from the real ones

Hitler on the Campaign Trail

Republican and Democratic politicians are reviving a favorite Nazi debating point this election season

Sundown: Baking Art in a Matzo Factory

Plus Paul’s delegates, Hitler’s vices, and more

Sundown: How Many Jews at Malek’s Party?

Plus Paul’s turn on Jerusalem, the Marvin Miller baseball card, and more

Paul the Younger Blocks Iran Sanctions

Rand, senator from Kentucky, wants anti-war clarification attached to bill

Karger Has Biggest Victory in Puerto Rico

Jewish, openly gay GOP candidate beats out Ron Paul

Romney in the Driver’s Seat

Santorum, Paul, and Gingrich on the side of the road

Jews in the Center?

Americans Elect favors some interesting candidates

A Jewish Guide to the MI and AZ Primaries

Who’s hot and who’s cold

We Will Have (a) Paul To Kick Around

Ron Paul’s compliance today could lead to Rand Paul’s dominance later

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