The ECI’s Bibi-Obama Robocalls Are Kind of Sad

And everything that’s wrong with the American discourse on Israel

Sundown: Brazil, Argentina Recognize Palestine

Plus sharks from Mossad! and more

Change You Shouldn’t Believe In

Post-midterms, U.S. Israel policy likely to stay the same

Sundown: Write Your Own Punch-Line

Plus nuclear reactors for all, and more

Midterm Jews

Will we shoot the moon and have 18 senators?

Obama, Dems Tout Pro-Israel Bona Fides

No effort is made to challenge prevailing assumptions

So That Happened

Smith’s column gets quite a response

Massive Drop in Obama’s Jewish Base

Analyzing a poll that found 42% approval

Israel’s Semi-Secret Espionage Case

Journalist held under gag order

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