Sundown: Mahmmy Being Mahmmy

Plus ‘Islamic liberalism,’ Perry fisked, and more

In Rare Move, AJC Reprimands Anti-Obama Ad

Emergency Committee for Israel spot ran this week; too close to the U.N.?

The Real Amy Winehouse

Plus, Perry’s Jewish problem, Pollard’s secret, and more

The Company Rick Perry Keeps

GOP front-runner holds press conference with pro-annexation Likudnik

Bibi, Perry Move In on the Jewish Vote

New ‘New York’ story has the goods on where Team Obama stands

Bad Faith

The Republican presidential candidates’ refusal to believe in things like global warming isn’t just bad science; it’s also very poor religion

Sundown: Circle the Date

Plus Perry goes kosher, the fatal mustache, and more

Sundown: Construction in Hebron

Plus, Obama and the Jews, Obama and a Jew named Kinky, and more

How Perry Fought the Flotilla

GOP frontrunner aided ‘pro-Israel lawfare’

Perry’s Ascent Heralds Israel’s Rise as Issue

Front-running Texas gov. is not playing to the Jewish crowd

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