‘I’m More Jewish Than You Think I Am’

Texas Governor Rick Perry boasts Semitic street cred at Los Angeles deli

Rihanna in Tel Aviv; Texas A&M’s Israel Campus

Plus Kerry says peace talks have intensified, and more in the news

Kinky Friedman to Run for Texas Governor?

The cosmic cowboy may ride the campaign trail again

Many Jewish GOP Donors Still on Sidelines

Will Romney’s decisive victory in Florida smoke them out?


A review of 175 major Jewish Republican donors shows that many who gave in the 2008 primary have yet to pony up for a GOP candidate. Why the wait?

A Jewish Guide to the South Carolina Primary

More palmettos than Jews!

Key Netanyahu Funders Also Back Rick Perry

Florida’s Falics have provided half of Bibi’s donations

Another Contest, Another Big Win for Romney

Former Mass. governor approaching lock-down, though Paul still around

Romney Loses By Not Winning Enough

As race heads to New Hampshire, who could still make some noise?

Eyes on the Hawkeye State

Paul specter looms even as Romney positions self

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