The Love Affair Between American Presidents and Jewish Artists, and Why It May Be Over

The historical relationship—and the proximity to power it afforded—enabled wider acceptance of Jews in America

More Nixon Tapes, More Anti-Jewish Sentiment

“Goddamn his Jewish soul!” Nixon says of trusted aide in final batch of tapes

Leonard Garment, Beyond Watergate

The late lawyer’s critical role fighting the UN’s Zionism is Racism Resolution

Happy Birthday, Mr. Kissinger

The influential former secretary of state—courtier, careerist, proud American, conflicted Jew—turns 90

Dylan’s Lennon Yizkor

A look at Bob Dylan’s new album, which drops today

Sundown: Pride in the Tel Aviv Streets

Plus Nixon on the Jews, and more

Ex-Jew-Counter Against Politicizing Religion

Romney adviser Fred Malek takes a stand


The successful movement to save Soviet Jewry offers some valuable lessons for Iranian Americans seeking democracy in the Islamic Republic

Sundown: The Devil In Syria

Plus, Iranian smuggling, Crowe’s cutting remarks, and more

Sundown: Palestinian Engineer Charged

Plus, the man in the white Charvet shirts, and more

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