Shomrim Allegations; Nora Ephron Bio Details

Plus Red Sea-Dead Sea pipeline finally happening, and more in the news

Jewish Pundits Dominate Worst Columns List

At least…according to the Atlantic

Sundown: Ceasefire Remains Elusive

Violence continues through Tuesday evening as Clinton arrives

Obama Currently Flunking the Koch Test

Hizzoner calls on Democrats to vote GOP in Weiner’s district

Daybreak: Unity Blues

Plus Obama ditches Weiner, and more in the news

Daybreak: Patching Things Up

Plus Jewish Gaza-bound boat intercepted, and more in the news

Daybreak: Hope on Talks After All

Plus the coming Israeli energy boom, and more in the news

Sundown: Jihard

Plus Mathis requests God’s forgiveness, and more

Daybreak: Sanctions Vote Tomorrow?

Plus reverse flotillas, and more in the news

Daybreak: Cold, Russian Sanctions

Plus more trouble for Paterson, anti-‘apartheid,’ and more in the news

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